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Finally...detoxed from Methadone

Morning.  I finally after 7 years on Methadone, have detoxed.  I never had been on too high of a dose, I started a slow detox from 35 mgs., the detox was 6 months.  I'm feeling alright, somewhat- but the symptoms are there, the not sleeping is the hard part along with the leg-cramping and the usual bag of unpleasantries. Can anyone give me any time- frames as to how long this will last?  Hopefully not for months on end! I have a feeling I went about this the right way, rapid detox seems like your just setting yourself up for a nasty fall.  I got on methadone when I was 19 yrs. old, I'm 26 and just want to reclaim my life back, go to NA- stay sober!  This is actually my third time trying to kick methadone, the other two times I failed miserably.  I don't want to end up back 'chasing a bag' or limping back to the methadone clinic.  I have severed all ties to previous friends that were users, I do the 20 second rule, and stay busy!!!  My main questions is: how long should I expect these withdrawls to last?  Did I go about my detox slow enough so that most of the drug is out of my system?  For being on this for such a long time, I'm still kind of naive to the generalisation of methadone, always in the past have heard 2 or 3 sides to every story!  Any input would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!!!
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Slow detox worked for me, I detoxed from 100 mg. down. It started getting noticable @ 30 mg. I went very slow with 5 mg drop every month, until  i got to 10 mg. than I went down 2 1/2 mg at a time until I got to 2 1/2 mg. When I felt I was ready. I left 6 doses (licquid) in frig, knowing there was releif if I really wanted it. I also had trouble sleeping, you may want to try a sleeping aid, over the counter. As I remembered it did not last very long. I also used for a period of 5 yrs.
The hard part is over and just hang in there a little longer and you should be proud of yourself. The very best.
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just curious about methadone, I was on about 160mg of oxycontin a way for a while, i have been using narcotics for 4 yrs, either vicodin, percs and finally now oxycontin, I had been clean for about a month then I went back to using vicodin and some oxycontin here and there.  All though Im nowhere near as bad as i used to be, Im still taking things here and there.  So I am on methadone.  It worked well for me last time.  I stay on for 4 or 5 days.  I only take about 5-7 mg the first day, then about 5 the next and then about 2.5 for the next 2 and it gets me through the withdrawal very well.  My question is, if I do that should I be worried about becoming addicted to the methadone?? I know it has the potential, but if I stay strong willed and only take those low dosages will that be a problem??? thanks guys.  Oh by the way, whoever posted this, (didn't look at the name) great work!!! I think you went about it the right way, just remember you spent 6 months!!! coming down don't give up now, you can definitely do it!!!

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Morning, again!  Actually slept about 5 1/2 hrs. last night, pretty good- a whole lot better than 0 hrs!  Thanks for your support guys, really!  Actually, I always thought in the back of my mind that I'd be on methadone forever, thought it was literally impossible to get off, always let the 'statistics' get the better of me.  I'm completely out of my old element, living in a new city- so I hope that helps a little.  I realise that if you really want drugs bad enough- you'll get them. It seems that the past 2 years I've been detoxing and it gets very tiring after awhile, enough is enough! I can't let myself down, I can't let my family down- staying focused is the key, also coming clean with yourself is necessary- some people can't do that, I was one.  Never could look myself in the mirror and say, 'Man, your a junkie, but... you don't have to live like one!'  It's not impossible, nothing's impossible.  I know I'm not out of the woods yet, but I know this time it's going to be a success.  So to anyone of you out there struggling with methadone, don't give up- I was on it for 7 years, that's a pretty long time and since I'm only 26, it's also kind of pathetic!:-) Take it slow and easy, keep focused on the big picture!  Everybody take care and have a great day!
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i'm curious about something GWH.  you say you've used methadone to detox more than once?  do you get this prescribed by a dr. or do you go to a clinic.  i cannot find a dr. willing to prescribe it for detox, nor do i fit the criteria for a clinic.  from everything i've read and heard, it is a drug which is normally used long-term.  i would think it would be hard to use it for a couple days to detox...is it?  also, i heard that one dose should last about 8 hours...has that been the case for you?  oxy is supposed to last that length of time as well, but for me, being the addict that i am, it never did.

i cannot use any type of narcotic in "moderation" as you've mentioned you've been doing over the past few months.  if i have it, i take it until it's gone.  i tried to detox myself with buprenex, but i found myself using that to get high as well.  for me, there are no easy answers...i think i have to just stop and say that's it.  i cannot dabble....anyhow, i hope you get a chance to answer these questions...i really appreciate it and good luck to you!
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Actually one dose of methadone will usually last anywhere from 24 to 36 hrs. (more or less depending on how many mgs. dispensed and how high of tolerance, but I have had as little as 3mgs. hold me for an entire 24 hour period) , that's why it is such a pain to get off!  Methadone has an incredibly high shelf-life, that's why detoxing slowly, very slowly is necessary.  Kicking heroin is way more intense, but in a matter of 3 to 5 days most of the physical withdrawl should be over with, then you just have to deal with the ugly psychological mind games but that's a whole other story!  With methadone it's not as intense but the withdrawls (which are basically flu like symptoms and the spastic legs at night) seem to linger longer. I'm going on my 3rd day methadone free and actually feel quite good, kind of spooked because I always hear the 4th day is the worst, but what can you do- I've made up my mind this time, I'm in it for the long haul! Also, I've heard getting prescriptions for methadone is very difficult (alot of 'red tape') and to the earlier post (sorry, forgot your name), you said that you can't get on a methadone program?!  Why is that?  Are you using?  Don't mean to pry...
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i am using narcotics on and off, but that is not the reason.  there are no methadone programs around here that have room for me, and i have not been using long enough to require one (so they say).  you have to have been using over two years, which i have not. i've been using just a little under two years, so they say i don't fit their profile...weird huh.  even if i was to fit, there isn't a program for miles and miles that has an opening in the next six months.
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