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Finding a dr to help with methadone withdrawal

I have been on methadone for five years.  I have tapered down from 100mg to40 mg in the last two years. I have stopped tapering due to the with drawl symptoms; diarrhea, aches and pains, sweating day and night and restlessness.  I want to start tapering again but need to find a doctor to help me treat the symptoms as needed.  Is there a way to find a doctor that specializes or is familiar with methadone withdrawal.  I don’t know that I necessarily want to go to just any family doctor because I feel there’s probably still a lot of stigma with thisAnd don’t want to feel judged by the nurses or the doctor.  Also it is my understanding that there is not a medication that helps with methadone withdrawal and getting off of it faster- I was told that you just have to treat the symptoms?
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The doctor prescribing your methadone should know how to best taper off and deal with side effects.

In general, "Very slowly" is a strategy. Slow enough the body doesn't realize it's happening.

If you took 2 years to taper from 100 to 40 that's really slow.

If you've been on 40 for a long time and still have symptoms, maybe it's from something else? Questions to ask your Dr. He can ponder that.

Best wishes! And congratulations!
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