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Fiorecet w/ codine

What do I do?  I have 8 pills left.  Since last Thursday I've been taking 8 pills a day.  I know one of my withdrawals will be a excruciating headache.  I should I taper with my 8 pills.  Should I go to urgent care?  Is it safe to go cold turkey...once I go through the last 8 pills.  I was thinking taking 2 more today, 3 tomorrow, 2 the next day, and then the last one the following day.  I have no one to turn to.  I feel so disappointed ..I've been through this before and I went through withdrawals and I was doing good and then I got more pills.  Please give me advice....  Help!!!!
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The problem with fiorcet is that besides the codeine it is also a barbiturate - butalbital - the barbiturates should be tapered slowly .... with supervision. It doesnt sound as if you are in as bad a shape as many that show up on this forum...but I would be amiss if I took a blind guess to give you advice. You indicate that this isnt the first time ..... what was your previous dose and how long have you been at it?
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I got some pills last Thursday...and I've been taking about 8 a day.  I guess if I start feeling really bad I will go to urgent care or ER.  I'm a bit nervous and thank you for answering...just trying to get any support.
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Going cold turkey with barbiturates is much nastier than going cold turkey with opiates. It's true that you have only been on the drugs for a week, but you would be better off getting help. You do not have enough pills for a taper.
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