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First Time Cocaine Use..Permanent Damage??

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for reading this. I have made a stupid mistake and hope I am not permanently damaged for it. I went out to a party on the weekend and did a couple of lines of cocaine and drinking. I know this is incredibly stupid but nonetheless. The day afterwards I was lying in bed and began to have heavy heart palpitations. I stayed in bed and eventually after an hour they started to subside. It's now been three days later and I feel fluish, slight headache, small palps every now and then and very fatigued. Could I have done any serious damage or will I recover??

I'm sure everybody says this but this was certainly my first and last dance with the devil in the pale moonlight...

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The effects of the cocaine wore off after a few hours.  Any heart issues that you're having at this point are related to something else.  The same goes for the flu-like symptoms.
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I have to agree with above.  The coke wore off after a few hours.  Not sure where you live, but where I live (Louisiana) the flu is going around BAD!!!!!  I know at least 5 people with it now and I just had it before Christmas.  Very possible the 2 situations just happened to fall one right after another.  No worries.
Thanks motye51! You and Danny111 might be right it could just be flu.. I really hope so!
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Thanks for the great answers! Really appreciate it... I realize the effects started to wear off after a few hours, but could these heavy palpitations damage the heart or the increased blood pressure potentially cause damage? Terrified I've screwed myself up after one night of stupidity... :(
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If you are still having the heart palpitations you need to be seen by a doctor.  Anxiety can cause this too.  Thankfully you and coke dont go together.  Let us know how you are feeling.
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I agree with dominosarah.  I'm sure it's unrelated to the cocaine but if it's continuing you should get it checked out.  Chances are it's just anxiety and obsessing on the issue but best to be safe.  
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How are YOU doing?? Give us a update if you are still here.
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