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First Time Using Cocaine

Sunday night was my first night doing cocaine. My friend and i did over 3 grams between the two of us in a series of 8 or 9 hours. By the end of the night I had what felt like a cut in my nose, and it spotted a small amount of blood, but not much at all. The following day we each did approx. another gram or a bit more, and that night my nose didn't bleed at all. The only sign of irritation was a stuffy nose and rare sneezing, but after inhaling a bit of water the irritation went away. It is now Wednesday and after 2 days of a stuffy nose I figured the worst was over. I have been blowing my nose daily since, and no blood has appeared, but today after a strong unexpected sneeze, i found a fair amount of blood in my mucus. I had my adenoids removed 2 years ago, and I fear that I may have damaged those areas. I cannot see my doctor because I am afraid of my mother finding out. HELP ? I'm terrified.
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I have also considered snorting a small amount of water, saline, or peroxide to cleanse whatever wound I may have created.
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Hopefully you have learned something from this experience, multiply it 10 times, take all your money away, family and friends and job. Welcome to drug addiction. STOP while you have the chance, come clean with the doctor, So what if moms finds out you experimented and saw the effects, Its all part of growing up. We all make mistakes some bigger than others. I would reccomend medical advice, try the health dept or a urgent care clinic , but you have to be honest wth the doctor, they are not there to judge you just treat you. Good luck
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Considering the amounts you did, I'm amazed your nose isn't bleeding more. You have burned and thinned the membranes in your nose. Made some sore spots. They will repair themselves as long as "you don't use anymore". If you continue, it will lead to more damage eventually literally burning holes in your nose which will lead to infections and a host of other problems..Your best bet is to walk away from the coke now. Or it is guaranteed you will regret it later..Thats a fact....
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Dont use anymore and you will heal. If you use more, you could get a deviated septum, a verrrrry painful experience.
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That happens to alot of people that do coke...i would sneeze for no reason, and we found out that some people add small amounts of fiberglass to coke because they think it gets in the blood faster from the tiny cuts....not saying that happened to you though.  I agree with rhirrhi87
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