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First appt with suboxone Dr. tomorrow...scared...

I finally have my first appt with a suboxone doctor tomorrow and I'm so nervous. The only person I've addmitted my addiction to so far is my husband and that was the hardest thing I've ever done. What should I expect tomorrow? Will they likely be able to start me on suboxone tomorrow? I've been off of norco and oxy for 6 days now, (200-250mg daily) the only thing I've taken is a butrans patch to help with the withdrawals. Will they start me on suboxone after the butrans since it's the same medication? I have a family to take care of and so badly want to be feeling a bit better for the holidays. Do they turn people away who went suboxone? Has anyone had trouble taking theirs as prescribed? Any experiences switching from butrans? After this I also have to admit to my pain management doctor that I have a problem and I feel so terrible lying to her face all this time.
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If you been off of pain pills for 6 days , you are almost out of wds. Why not just battle through it. i responded to your other post.
I've been using the butrans patch to stop the withdrawls, and I'm out now. I've tried so many times on my own to quit and haven't been able to which is why I finally made an appt with a suboxone dr.
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Crystal when you have quit other times did you attend any substance abuse support groups, NA, AA, celebrate recovery, smart recovery?
See a counselor?
Just stopping the drug isnt enough. You need to work on your recovery. Exercise regiment, church, clean eating,
Counseling, support groups, a new hobby.
It is great you were honest with your husband. That is a wonderful step in your recovery.
Suboxone is a hard drug to withdraw  from. It is a much longer detox then oxys.
Suboxone is an opiate replacement therapy. It is a controlled amount of semi synthetic opioid that is taken daily.
You should think long and hard before starting it.
Put  suboxone withdrawal up in the search box and do lots of reading.
The doctors want you to stay on the subs for an extended period of time and usually start and keep you on way higher does then needed. 2mgs. Suboxone is what most people can get by on. The subs builds up in your system and that is why the did is much longer.
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Crystal, I second what both of the above posters said. I STRONGLY suggest focusing your energy on recovery instead of a replacement drug. You will be back here again, and it will be harder.
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P.S- I can hear the fear in your words and also the impatience. Wanting to feel better for the holidays is sort of missing the point. You have to look at this like a necessary evil to contend with (detox) and then if you work a recovery program, you don't ever have to deal w/ this again. You need to think long term. Short term is what gets us into trouble over and over. I'm glad you are still posting and please seriously consider what the posters have written. Hey, if we all can do it, you can too:)
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Thank you all for your comments. I did do some counseling before, but not as much as I needed obviously. I know there's no easy fix, I just feel like right now I need to be able to take care of my family. I've read a lot about the suboxone withdrawls and that scares me too....I guess I'm just hoping I'll be in a better state of mind with my recovery when it's time to taper down.
How are you doing today ? What did your doctor. Say?
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Hey Friend,
Congrats on making the steps to gain back your life and your freedom.
I am proud of you.
Do you think you really need the suboxone route? i have never taken, but from what I hear, it is sometimes worse than what you a re addicted to. Hopefully others will come in who know better.
Don't worry about facing your doctor and admitting anything, doctors play a role in this too. Don't you worry about any of that, and just concentrate on your awesome self.
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The doctor was really nice. I admitted everything and he started me on suboxone. I've been on it 5 days now and I'm still not feeling great, but better. I'm having alot of pain though. Does it not help with pain because of the blocker?
So happy to hear your doctor is nice.Glad your on the mend.  Keep your spirits up this too shall pass.
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