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First meeting

We'll I have my first meeting in 3 hours. Nervous, excited, anxious....i hope this goes good
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What kind of meeting?
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NA meeting
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Good for you! Don't be nervous, just be open minded and listen for the similarities between what you hear and what you are thinking. Let us know how it goes!
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It will be fine. Walk in,find a seat,and listen. People will welcome you...
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That's great. Relax. It is a group of people just like you who are learning to live life without the use of drugs.

Let us know how it goes.
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Sweet... You took one the most important steps of your life. I just know things went great. I cant wait to hear how it went. Im so shy but for some odd reason Im not in those rooms. Good for you.
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Way to go Kels! I love the meetings. Actually look forward to them. Cant wait to hear how you felt bout it and how it went.
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Just letting you guys know my meeting went good. It was waaay emotional for me. I drove by like 5 times before actually stopping. I sat and listened, let it all just soak in. I didn't get my first chip. Idk why i didn't take when offered. I guess i wasn't ready to put myself out there. When I got to my car U just sat and cried. So many emotions and feelings just came poring out. Overall a good experience. I will be returning
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