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First step...

Is there anyone out there who is about to take the first step?
I'm starting my detox tomorrow ... I'd love to start it together with someone...
I feel anxious to do it alone.....
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How are u making out? Today is going to be a hard day for both of us!
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will be starting my detox this weekend.been takin norcos and oxy for the past year .gonna try the tomas recipe fingers crossed
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Me! Really struggling right now. It is hard to see the end. Hoping it gets better.
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hey guys I'm not starting my journey I have sixty two days clean. but I'm here to answer what questions you might have. it helps to have a someone who has been there done that to talk to I would not have made it without my friends here on medhelp. I asked every question I can think of. and the thomas recp, will help you alot no it wont make it completely go away but it will help ease some of the systems And I'm a firm believer of Immodium AD for withdrawals helps helps soooo much. please feel free to ask me anything you need answers to and I will do my very best to help guide you through this. we are all here for you guys who are just taking your first steps. I'm  telling you it gets so much better hard to see it in start but it does. solost hang in there.
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