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Fladyct's Amino Acid Protocol - HELP!

i am on 2nd day WDs, not feeling absolutely horrible, but not myself. (avg 6 Vic's for 4-5 months). I've sort've been through this before, but this time sticking to it.

I went to CVS and purchased B-12 (soluable); not too bad, Vitamin C pills and Daily Vitamins. I couldn't find the other items on the list.

Will this be a good start or will I definitely need the other items (5-HTP, L-Glutamine, L-Taurine, DLP, Calcium and Magnesium, etc)?

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
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It is really important to have a great multivitamin!! Try to get that at least!! Good luck!
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Duh...you do have that, sorry I am slow today! LOL.....the others are helpful in my opinion.
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I would get the other stuff as well. I agree the vitamin is so important. I take 2 multis a day but you will have mood changes and the mag and calcium are good for rls, I believe. You may want to pm her. She answers very quickly and is knowledgeable if you are taking other meds.

Good lucl!
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Can u click the health pages to your right under DISCUSSION and read the thomas recipe and Fladict's article on amino acids?   It is very informing...we need the aminos for nuerotransmitter repair..to help owr brain's heal...if u cant find what i am speaking of...post back and I will copy and paste them for u
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isn't the B12 the aminos? i do have that, vit C and the multi vitamin
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I probably sound like "oh here comes the folic acid lady" but I really do believe in it.  It is for repairing the nerve tissue.  Also my docs have me taking B1 but I would think B Complex would be even better.  Great work on your progress, hang in there!
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