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Does anyone know very much about Flexeril? I just received an call from someone that thinks they may have overdosed on it. He usually does not take it and took up to ten 10mg tablets today and feels somewhat out of it. 100mg in one shot shouldn't do too much should it? He is in No. CA and I'm in So. CA so I can't get to him. Should I be concerned about him not waking up? Apparently he took six of them yesterday and I read the half life is 1-3 days. Apparently he's having muscle spasms. Is there reason to call for help? I've been reading about it on the internet but nothing really defines what overdose is.  
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Forgot to mention he really does not feel too bad but only took the ten about an hour ago. I read they are usually a time release.  
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if he took 10 10mg during the course of the day hes fine.  Even if he took 6 yeaterday.  Flexeril is a very mild (non-narcotic) muscle relaxer
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no, they are not time released
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so, he took all ten at once?

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I asked him that and he said he's having sever spasms. The six over the day yesterday did nothing to help. Apparently the spasms are so bad he just wanted the relief and said screw it. The spasms are gone but now he's a little afraid. I just got off the tel with him and he seems fine, not slurring and very coherent.  
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Overdose symptoms may include drowsiness, fast heartbeat, tremors or shaking, slurred speech, confusion, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations (seeing things), chest pain, or seizure (convulsions).

call 911 if he is experiencing ANY of these symptoms.  He should stay awake for several hours.

BTW this is only my opinion

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He has none of the symptoms. I asked him again just now as he and I are both reading various sites. It just stopped the muscle spasms. How long do you suggest he stay awake? 2-3 hours? I haven't been able to find info on that.
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All I know about flexirill is that I hate them!  I had some for a car accident and I became so depressed I would never take one again.  Be careful.
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He is actually a depressed person. I'll make sure I tell him what you've said.
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Zanaflex is a great muscle relaxer.  Has he tried these?  To me they are stronger than the flexeril and they work alot better.
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Thanks for the info. Do you know much about Flexeril? I keep calling him to keep him awake but now he's getting very tired. He and I are both concerned. Can 100mg be fatal or put in coma?
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Wow, I'm out of action for at least 16 hours after just one Flexeril!  And for the entire next day I'm a space cadet.
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Anything can be fatal if you take to much of it.  I just seen that you posted.  Sorry so long to get back with you.  The flexeril never helped me.  It did not even make me sleepy.  Why don't you call the posion control hotline and believe it or not they can help you.  If not they can give you a number to call.  If you don't want to do that call your local er and let them know what's going on for him.  
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why is he having muscle spasms? I have taken flexeril and soma for many many years..( never that many at a time)  I would think if his spasms are severe enough to do that he would go to a dr. or the ER.  I hope he is ok....but the guy neeeds help and only a dr can do it....It may be from a chemical imbalance that he is getting the spasms...and no muscle relaxer will do anything for that long term.    Jerri
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He came out of it OK and fell asleep pretty quickly. I found three websites that all said it takes 325-350mg of Flexeril just to kill a mouse so 100 wouldn't hurt a human. That's when I left him alone to sleep. He felt like **** yesterday though. Total zombie...
Thanks for all your feedback.
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How are you doing?..how is the job hunting going?
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America's poison centers are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you.  The Poison Help hotline 1 - 800 - 222 - 1222
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Haven't heard back on them and got shot down on a couple out of state. Thanks for asking.
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How are you???
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Good but up and down from day to day. Insomnia issues out the butt. Day 17 today though. How are you?
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This is a little off topic, but the poison control centers are very helpful...even for dumb things. One night we were having a cookout and hubby had trouble keeping the grill lit, so he squirted lighter fluid all over MY hamburger...didn't tell me til I mentioned it tasted weird...was he trying to do me in or what!?!? Anyhow, I wasn't poisoned to death and no ER visit was necessary...LOL
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What did the poison control center tell you to do??
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