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Former Hydrocodone user, recurring withdrawal symptoms months later?

I used to use hydro (cold water extracted) daily for 3 weeks in June 2007 until i had a panic attack. The depressed breathing scared me ******** when I thought my heart skipped a beat. Soo, I quit cold turkey and went through some serious withdrawal symptoms for about a week and a half. The thing is, now every once in a while I get these very weird feelings as if I'm going to faint and my heart beat is very faint or something is just terribly weird. I get tightness in my jaw and my sinus gets clogged. Thing is I can workout and exercise and I'm completely fine. I feel like **** right now because I can't get back to my healthy state of mind since I have this looming over my shoulder.!
I'm just wondering is it possible that I am still having recurring withdrawal symptoms from the hydrocodone? I've been clean ever since July 2007. In addition, this seems to happen after I drink heavily (alcohol) like a few days after, however, my blood tests and liver results are normal. Could hydrocodone have damaged my gastrointestinal system?
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agree with flmagi..i would get checked by a doctor...3 weeks of use is not enough to cause long term probs
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Not likely that 3 weeks of Hydro has caused any of these problems you're feeling. I would suggest you have your heart checked by a doctor.
I'm 99.9 % sure you're not experianceing recurring withdrawel symtoms, there's something else going on there.
Good luck.
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