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Fortwin addiction

My brother is Anastheatist    and   he has Fortwin drug addiction from last 4-5 yrs, we have tried psychologist but it was not helpfull as again he starts the same, as he is doctor and anesthetist it is difficult to kept this drug away from him, Can I know what we can do ? Please help me sir, we are  very much  worried about him,  what is the treatment given in rehabilation centre ? Is that useful ?

What are the harmfull ness of Fortwin ?
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me, either.  Wanted to find out so others might help.  I feel badly for the poster.  Hard one to know what to say.  Maybe, Gunn will step in!
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Thanx once again littlebit I had no clue what this was
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In the US fortwin is pentazocine

Medications containing pentazocine:
pentazocine systemic

Brand names: Talwin
Drug class(es): narcotic analgesics
Pentazocine systemic is used in the treatment of:

    Labor Pain

Multi-ingredient medications containing pentazocine:
acetaminophen/pentazocine systemic

Brand names: Talacen
Drug class(es): narcotic analgesic combinations
Acetaminophen/pentazocine systemic is used in the treatment of:


aspirin/pentazocine systemic

Brand names: Talwin Compound
Drug class(es): narcotic analgesic combinations
naloxone/pentazocine systemic

Brand names: Talwin Nx
Drug class(es): narcotic analgesic combinations
Naloxone/pentazocine systemic is used in the treatment of:

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