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Found CBD Cannabis Oil at our local health shop

Just bought some CBD oil.
Understand I'm not looking for something new to get addicted to but done some major reading on this in the past. I want aware it was even legal to buy here in Alabama (2nd state to legalize it) but I'm willing to give it a shot. It's supposed to help with not only cancer and tumors but anxiety, inflammatory issues and other small problems.  I used to smoke pot and remember it always helped me when I was having headaches or my calves burning. I am no way encouraging any kind of drugs but I will write down what I feel like and give a report on it. If I feel like this is helpful then it could be something natural that can be helpful to others in recovery.
I would like anyone's input please, I want to make sure this is a safe product to use to help with recovery.  If it's not then I will not want to continue this use. I will listen to all constructive criticism, I feel it will be necessary in this.
Thanks ((John))
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Hi.....well my doughtier uses cbd oil for her back  she had to be cut out of a car and was lucky to live  but suffered a crushed vertebraa  she now has a cage 2 steel roods and 10 screws holding it together  she has her bad days and the oil works  she also smokes something called ''sharlets web''  it is a type of weed that 23% cbd and .2% thc  it wont get you high but is excellent for pain management ....she has her az weed card so it is all leagle for me I use something called  DMSO  you can get it on amazon  it is amazing for lower back pain  just one more thing in my arsenal to manage my back  try the oil  see if it works for you get the DMSO it is only 14 bucks on amazon.............Gnarly
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So far I know it's knocked out the anxiety and the burning feeling I have in my feet, I wrote the time down at 12:30pm when I took it and it's 2:10pm. It's definitely something I plan on using in the morning after my walk
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Hey plow boy. Just wanted add my 2 cents. I don't know your story but if you have burning in feet normally neuropathy or circulation issue in feet. If I'm  out of line I'm sorry. Anyway if u can get a foot massager or just a massage in feet than feet start itching you know than circulation issue.
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That's exactly what my feet does
Wonder if high/low blood pressure cause that
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This is just a thought..but when i had just a few months in on my Recovery, I was still sick with the detoxing. Everything hurt from my Head to my Toes. I had pain in the lower sac in the spine and so forth. I went and talked to my DR and he said, since I have no history of anything wrong in this way, he said I had "Somatic Syndrome"..Meaning that my Brain was still healing and balancing back and it will sending false singles to my body.  It was very painful all over but after a few more months later everything went away. Just a Thought!!! lol
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I have no idea about blood pressure, only time I have heard of is diabetics or just circulation in lower extremities. If you can afford it buy a foot massager the kind you put legs and feet in. (I used to work for Human Touch) they had a great one.  But its been yrs so I don't know what else is available now.  Or have someone massage legs and feet.
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It's a drug that alters brain chemistry regardless of why people use it. And that's fine if you feel you need it. It's all your choice and I would never deny a person a drug that eases their pain or anxiety.

As far as being clean and sober goes? You're not. It's just my opinion but it's what I believe. We've had many discussions about this over the years on the forum and we can have another one if you want to.  

So, it all depends on your goals in recovery and your motivation.  It used to be that people came to this forum with the goal of being clean from all mind altering substances. If they did take a pain med or anti anxiety med it was temporary and doctor ordered.  Also, talking about drugs on the forum in the context of how they work or make you feel can be a trigger for some people. It isn't for me but I know it is for others.   That's my input-
CBD oil is no different than any over the counter substance. Asprin is worst for you than CBD oil. I take the oil & find it works for the small pains. I am still new to the oil but I do find it helps.
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That's not what I'm wanting to achieve,  just because I attempt to use natural remedies don't mean I'm saying it's okay to use pills. But that's a good point, I don't want it to trigger another. I went in looking for natural vitamins and spotted this, I remember reading about baby Carly (Carly act was passed on CBD) and thought it would be something better than a pill
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Also just found out that it is legal if UAB writes it out for someone, there isn't any type of applications to fill out to obtain it. I haven't let on this company was selling it here, still searching if it is legal to have on me. For now I've used the 3 drops recommended before learning this and locked it and the sales ticket up in my lock box. If it's illegal for civilians to have then I won't be using it until it is in the clear
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Hi there
Geez not sure if I should post this,  but here it goes.
I believe cbd oil has great benefits, neurological being one. There is alot of "fake" stuff out there, so be careful.
the pure oil is expensive about 50.00 a gram.
Charlotte's web, Hayleys hope,  cbd gold all have between 23-24% cbd and
.03 -.77 % thc.  Not enough thc to cause a high.  It helps with pain,  seizures, mental issues also withdrawl.  
These I've had first hand experience with my daughter, she has the same type of seizure disorder as little Charlotte which brought Charlotte's web out in the open.  My daughter dependent on many drugs but one that was a nightmare for her was Klonopin.  I was able to wean her off Klonopin  with the use of the oil, when other tries were impossible.  It also controls her seizures approx 90-95%.  The key with the oil is less is best, and give it time to help. ..it won't be immediate.
I've seem amazing results in my daughter,  and believe other claims to probably  be accurate.  We have been working with it near a year, with no increases over the year, just a reset about every 3 months. NO side effects.
this is not meant to offend any one
good luck to you
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There's no doubt that cannabis oil has a place. So does morphine and Demerol and cocaine (often used in nasal surgery and post OP). But this is a substance ABUSE forum and the members here are doing their absolute best to stay away from all drugs. It doesn't matter if it's legal or not; that isn't the point.  The point is staying clean from all mind altering substances. That's what this forum supports.

Read VIC's comment again. It's true.
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I've juiced my own from fresh leaves before.  You are still wasted.  Just not in a THC way i.e Psychedelic, but you are still wasted.

If you have a serious health condition then it is an option since these people are replacing far stronger and more toxic drugs with the cannabis. i.e people who suffer from seizures for example, I have one such friend and it's far better than all the shiz the Doc's have him on.  There are cases you can search on Youtube, some are amazing...  The thing is though, these people have very serious issues.  I think Vic probably described your issue and it's something you want to take into consideration.
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Well, I understand Vicki595's concerns although I think cannabis and opiates/tramadol are on opposite ends of the spectrum of drug use.  The point stands that cannabis is a psychoactive drug that affects brain chemistry.
My main concern is that you are only 30 days in to recovery.  Part of recovery is learning to live without altering our consciousness.  Our past behavior indicates that we have problems with the whole consciousness altering thing.

My basic inclination is " if it helps doesn't that outweigh the risk?"  I asked my wife what she thought.  She's a licensed, practicing, clinical therapist.  She thinks Vicki595 is right and that you should avoid all psychoactive drugs.
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*It's actually not psychoactive Pillguy, just to be pedantic.  THC is the psychedelic part of weed and if it's not heated over 100 degrees celcius then there's no THC and it's just CBD, which is the sit you down on your *** side of pot.  It's a process called decarboxylation.... Anyhu's though, I've smoked for a long time (I'm straight these days though) and from experience you are still wasted in a CBD way, just not psychedelic.

I'd not recommend the use of it in this case too, as it just seems unnecessary, and as you said this is the time to learn to live without altering our consciousness and living life on life's terms.  
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My wife's opinion is not a recommendation to you and it should not be considered medical advice.  She thinks it's dangerous for any recovering addict to use a psychoactive drug so early on in one's recovery.

I live in a state where it's totally legal.  I drove by a marijuana store today.  I drive by it twice a day. Once on my way to work and again on my way home.
It would be so easy.  I've decided to try to let my brain heal.  The time frame for complete recovery is one to two years.  If I go for two years and I still feel compelled to alter my consciousness I'll evaluate my choices then, but for now I'm committed to giving it the two years.  I've used drugs on and off for forty years.  I'm OK with giving recovery two years.
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My understanding of psychoactive is when a substance mimics natural brain chemicals and either stimulates or shuts down receptors.  Is that incorrect?
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I have also smoked for decades.  I don't much care for the high anymore.
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Yeah bro, I'm in complete agreement.  I'm just pointing out that it is not psychoactive when it is CBD oil, which is why the plowboy was considering it's use.  I also mentioned that you still feel wasted, just not in a psychedelic kind of way :)  Have a google on "Decarboxylation"... Heres an article..


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*Plowboy I mean.. That "the" was an un-intentional typo
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Thanks for the link.  I'll check it out!
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Plow- I agree 10 million percent w/ Vickie and VIC. You are what, 30 days clean? You are still detoxing. Why are you looking for something for anxiety? You are supposed to be anxious.

As addicts, we don't want to feel uncomfortable. It's torture for us. But that is what being clean is all about: Feeling every damn feeling, and finding productive ways to deal w/ those feelings, that don't include going to a store to buy some weed. (or weed oil whatever it is.)

Weren't you going to NA or AA? What's going on w/ that?

Also, like Vickie says, this is a substance abuse forum, and I for one, don't want to read about new substances out there that could get me high or altered. I'm doing my damdest to live life on life's terms, know what I mean?
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Sick of this argument...fakkin ridiculous.
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So its okay to tell someone to use this Thomas recipe and get otc stomach aids, advil or other type of "natural" supplements like melatonin but but bash cbd oil because it's extracted from a plant known for its high?
I ask this because we either have to stop giving advice on any types of aids and say cold turkey is the way or give advice on what kids of natural supplements (including cbd and such) to help cope with the dread that comes with w/d's. I've always wrote journals of my life's ups and downs,  I started a new book just for this and I'm willing to take this chance if I know in my heart it can help others.
Like I've mentioned above,  I only used the 3 drops and (1:10pm yesterday) my anxiety and the burning in my legs and feet are still gone. That's the only thing I can say so far but it doesn't have my approval just yet.
I do have my doubts, I don't want to have others believing this cbd is something to just swap over to. I'm willing to sacrifice my 33 days if that's what I've done just to know that there might be a natural way to help cope, if I can lay this down without any w/d's then I will have sacrificed for the good.
I'm still in meetings, the only one that's open are court ordered and everyone there but some county worker has cards to sign. Nobody there wants to be there and it's like sitting in a class room when the teacher is talking.
I haven't found one where people come on th ear own for recovery, I'm looking for one that has people that care.
It hasn't stopped me from going but I feel there is more to it than seeing people forced to be somewhere they don't want to be (I've noticed this the past two meetings), it's really a downer to see.
I hope everyone here knows that I'm looking for a solution to a sickness that don't require a pill that can kill, we know cbd has been proven to help.
Last note, I didn't get high off the 3 drops, I did get sleep and I am thankful for that.
Vickie, I'm do agree with you ma'am,  we don't need another mind altering drug. That is what I'm wanting to do, either approve or disapprove this.
Pillguy, not sure if I understand, I'm not looking for a hight but I'm looking at this like I'm comparison between Advil or cbd.
We've all taking some type of otc, this is sold in the local health store and I want what's best for my kids and I along with everyone else.
I pray I haven't caused any problems.
Thanks for this discussion, it's better than taking pills
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Great post PlowBoy.
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