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Four years clean now, Yeah!

I read below about Merry Maria and the nine years clean. Congrats!  I agree that this forum is a lifesaver. I am 64 now and have had a lifetime of substance abuse issues. Major alcoholic & AA, Xanax meltdown, and 4 years ago said goodbye to oxycodone.
My pain management doctor never let me know what I was in for if I wanted off opiods.  Just "saw" me for 30 seconds, took my copay, and handed me that precious script-over and over and over.  I used to feel so good about leaving the pharmacy with my precious pills.  I really think that my personal well being was not part of the pain management doctor's concern.
When I quit Oxy, I experienced the usual stages, physical agony, then mental self doubt and cloudyness.
It was the kind and compassionate people here on the forum who shared their "experience, strength and hope," without reservation with me on my path back to sanity. And who called me on my BS if I was full of it and trying to rationalize a return to my druggie life.
Thanks to all of you, oldtimers and new folks, for your committment to the goal of fully living without the shackles and bonds of pill bottles--and your willingness to provide the blueprint on how to get there.
To the newcomer or the person just stopping by and visiting this Medhelp forum:  I can say without reservation, that there is unparalled power here provided by folks just sharing what works for them getting and staying clean.
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Congratulations on your 4 years OxyTired!!! That is a Great Achievement! No I do not think the Dr.s Have our Best Interest in mind when doling out this crap. Year after Year we then become part of the money machine and just another soul that the establishment has tossed aside as a casualty in their quest to keep the machine moving.. I'm so Happy and Proud for you that you broke Free!! I pray for many more years of Sobriety!! Thank you for sharing it helps more then you may realize!! lesa
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This is wonderful to read!!!  Congragulations to you and all your hard work!  You wear "recovery" well.....:)
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Congrats on 4 yrs clean!!!!  I am so happy for you!!
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