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My fiance and I began a MMTP in April 2007, by May we were @ 110mg - during meetings with our counselor we ask questions regarding the length of treatment, method of detox once appropriate, side effects, irreversible damage with continued use, etc.  It was then that it became very clear - there is no intention of EVER detoxing anyone (unless it is an administative detox for noncompliance w program).  Everyone is on what is called the 'fast track' to 110 mg.automatically.  They say there are no long term side effects or damage - Well our bodies say otherwise.  

Considering the amount of money we pay for this voluntary 'rehab' - we were under the impression that we would have a say so in our treatment - Not the case!*  In August 2007, we requested to begin to detox, our counselor was very unhappy with our decision.  He told us to give it a few more months, he felt we weren't ready.  To shorten it - we are down to 44mg., he is still against it, although overall - we like our counselor and respect his feelings...but we want our life back, we feel very strongly about our detox.  Our last dose will be March 06.  We chose this date very carefully and it is important to us that we adhere to the schedule we have set for ourself.
*although we are detoxing, the clinic never allowed us to determine our dosage or detox - we tried hard, but we are ultimately at their mercy.

Based on research and experience, we are all too aware of what to expect withdrawing from methadone - and even though we have done this in the past - the situation was very different then.  We were different people then,  But NOW - now we are READY TO LIVE AND ENJOY LIFE DRUG FREE!!!  - Honestly, I never expected to say that, never expected we would feel that way, we are so THANKFUL to be able to make this decision...our spirituality and faith will help, as herbalists, we will be using fresh herbs, tonics, a strong vitamin program high in magnesium, zinc, calcium, as well as many others - if you frequently search methadone detox I am sure you have read the same things I have, if not - say so and I will fill you in.  Apparently the vitamins and minerals are the most important things - the depletion of those iin the body by methadone use is the contributing factor of a lot of the pain.

Sorry to ramble, this site is the first I have ever participated in the forum...but we all need the support - It helps for sure.

In light & love-
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Welcome to the forum. I very happy to hear you're going against their (better?) judgement and weaning your way off the methadone. My brother was on methadone for many years, besides addictions he also had some serious mental problems. The methadone did help him and he was trying to wean himself off  but was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed in 2005 .Along time ago I went out with a guy who worked for  a methadone clinic for a short time. The things he told me about what goes on there would raise the hair on your neck. He told me to tell my brother to wean himself off because they would never willingly agree to it. Their job is to keep people on it, if there's not enough addicts on the methadone they loose funding for the clinic, besides many of the people that work there enjoy dipping into the supply themselves. The methadone deffinately has long term effects on your health. Anyone that tells you it doesn't is lying. Just take a look at the teeth of a long term methadone user. It gets into your bones, liver etc.
So stick with your plan to get off the stuff. If you find your having a hard time with it, concider switching over to Suboxone and using it for short term detox.
Good luck and keep posting.
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It seems strange that in searching for 'methadone', there are still so many advocates for it,  Don't get me wrong...it helped get us to where we are today (in a much better place!)  Methadone should be used for a short period of time...once the patient is stable...go ahead and detox.  Originally that was the way it was meant to be.  Before the gov't realized how lucrative a business it was.

We have not been on it a year yet and already, the effects physically and psychologically are bad.  

Each and every person on here seems so genuine and sincere in wishing the best for all...I think that is awesome!
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congratulations on wanting to live life drug free...!!! I completely understand how you feel! I have been there.  I was on methadone for one month and finally decided to go cold turkey. It was hard and i suffered terrible withdrawl symptoms for 3 months but by the third month, once i started to get energy and finally stopped having cold sweats, it was like being touched by an angel...the most beautiful feeling ever!!! I am rooting for both of you! if i could do it ...i know you can!!!! all the best...B
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At the clinic I go to, my counselor was happy & supportive of my decision, she has had my back ever since I started my taper, also the nurse who is in charge gave me her blessing & is always a inspiration & keeps telling me that she has seen many clients get off this stuff, I also must mention my counselor is a former addict & alcoholic, I dont know if this is why, or what the reasons are that some counselors are more supportive then others, but I do know that if a person wants to get off methadone that this is their choice, not anyone elses. Also in the groups that I attend, their are several clients going thru methadone detox, I,ve seen some make it off this stuff & others fail, the ones who tend to make it are the ones who have remained drug free for a long period of time, so I am a firm believer in the longer you have been clean the better your odds are for getting off methadone, & above all, this is a slow, slow process, if ever their was a time in your life to put on the brakes & have patience, its now, & you will find this out once you get under 20mgs, as this is the time when you are at your weakest & very vulnerable to relapse, I personally never believed anyone when they said, once you get under 20 you will feel the difference till I got under 20, then I knew & understood what they meant, but this is because of the half life methadone has, I was put on 20mgs & did fine, then dumped down to 18 & I felt different, but 10 days later I felt fine again, its kinda like a roller coaster ride, methadone takes you up then pulls you down again, so this is when you must dig down deep & understand this is your body adjusting to the lower dose & it will get better, but its gonna take some time. On tuesday I will be dropped to 10mgs, & I must say, Im excited! & for me personally its my excitment that is gonna carry me thru my detox.    Good Luck Penelope
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