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Day 21 for me!!! I will be free, Horray 4 me, Oh , watch and see I will be free,come follow me and you can  be free !! just like me!!!!
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Hey there Ripley!!!!
So good to feel your happiness thru your words! Becoming a poet nowadays? It all rimes!!!! LMAO.
A good ole Texan YEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAA for ya.
Congrats on YOUR 3 weeks of freedom, YOU ROCK!!!!
With all my admiration, xxx.
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Congrats on your clean time!!!!  Your positive attitude is great!!!  Keep moving forward and singing at the top of your lungs.......Happy dances coming your way from Minnesota!!!             sara
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Your the man!!!! Dancing here too!!!

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Now thats dawg-gone funny right there. Dont care who ya are :)   thanks fer the smile and a big congrats on 21 ...... Craig
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Congrats 21 days is AWESOME!!!!!!! Happy dances from Pittsburgh going out to you!!!!    Kim
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A lot of my friend's have asked ( How are you feeling?) Im still feeling with my fingers!! OK and ask how im sleeping? I still sleep laying down and in a bed!! REALLY the sleepness is still hanging on but im sleeping much better and im feeling wonderful Thanks to all who are on here and Thank you for your love, support , and prayers. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! outotown aka me!! OH!! I almost forgot the most important thing I dont need my hillbilly viagra I have plenty of popcicle sticks and duct tape if anyone needs it!!
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