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GOD hears YOU

God does hear&answer your prayers,I lost a close friend due 2 percs ,HE died @35yrs old in the bathroom alone the autopsy revealed he had a heart attack caused by the overusage of percs,He left behind a wife&5 small children,I prayed&Asked god 2 not let me leave my 5 children&hubby the same way he left his&God gave me u guys,I now know that " GOD" hears u in your deepest darkest moments he hears us!!!Don't stop fighting 1 day @ a time don't worry & have faith in yourself 2 overcome whatever addiction you're going not trying going 2 overcome.1 day @ a time!!!!XOXOXO THANKS MEDHELP FAMILY,U GUYS INSPIRE ME!!!!!!!!!
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I am sorry to hear about your friend passing away.  This is a such a tragedy........sara
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Lady, This is very sad. He is free now, but such a tragedy. We can be free and alive. We need each other and we need God. The prince of this world is darkness, deceit, drugs and drunkeness. Oh geez, I'm getting depressed. But we have one another. Thank God for the Internet! Hugs, Lindsay
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HI.....I always hate to read these....addiction has taken another life....so sad so young and with a family of little ones....I look back and that could have been me...I have 5 children
all but 1 are grown and out of the house ...but I was 30yrs old when I started on the pills
my kids where young ...my oldest came in from the yard one time and found me slumped over the computer...I was blue and not breathing....that night I had about a dozzen perc 10s
if he dident come in and give me a shake I might not be here right now...God dose answer prayers...my wife prayed for me constantly wile I was off doing my thing...God spared my life
so now I try and help others....Jesus has much grace to give...I hope he brings you comfort to night and im so sorry to here of your loss keep your faith strong God got me out of this mess he can deliver anybody...I wouldent be here if it wasent for the grace and love of God........Gnarly
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Glad to hear that have decided to quit!! And congrats of day 4!! Each day does get better. And at day 14 I felt awesome without the pills and with the joy of not revolving my day around when to take. Now today I did take some narcotic couch syrup but way less that was subscribe and only so I could work cause I have a bad cold but I will NEVER go back to being addicted especially after hearing so many lives lost to this stuff. I am so sorry for you loss and am here for you. I lost a friend to Oxycontin years ago so I understand but as a result of loosing her I have take one oxycontin in my life and my body cant stand them and I think that is cause I lost my friend. Really Amazing how GOD had given me something out of my friend death. And we have to remember the good times with them and know they are in heaven looking down smiling at us for quitting :)

Take care, Janet
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