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GRRRR I think I am passing a kidney stone

OK ya all I have been having pain on my right side all morning ,the side where I have 3 kidney stones . .... it has been going on for about two hours it is not unbearable yet ......
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push fluids...and like u always say...go see your doc  lol....to be sure that is what it is...my dad suffers with those as well...but once he thought that was all it was and it was smomething else....serious...just get it checked
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i am sorry you are in discomfort, i don't really know what kidney stones are, but i heard it can be painful sometimes. if it gets worse you know what to do. did you get your bathroom done and dog trained yet, i want to see some pics of your puppy.
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lots and lots and lots of water to flush it through your system...try drinking cranberry juice or tepid water with some fresh lemon juice in it to flush away the impurities as well.. I had a kidney stone when I was in labour 13 years ago.. was not an ideal time for it to play up.. anyway I gave birth to my daughter lolly and gave birth to the kidney stone - i did not name it..
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Oh, girl, that sounds terrible.  I hope it is very short lived.  My thoughts are with you.
What did you name the pup?
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Thanks all ,
this is not my first ,and I am sure not my last I am drinking drinking drinking....... I will try to pass it on my own they were all small ,but if the pain gets to bad i will go to the ER .I am not a martyr if the pain get over whelming i will have to take something
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oh, avisg, so sorry to hear you are in pain, especially with a kidney stone.  my daughter just got outta the hospital with several of those.  by all means go to the er.  her tubes became swollen from the passing of the stone and they had to do surgery on her.  so it is serious.  take cre of you, and we will be praying for you.
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ok now i am sure it is one ...
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I can't imagine how painful those are. Most people go to the hopsital or the very least the doctor for those. I wish you well.  Please go get checked out.

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I have had 13 kidneystones and 4 surgeries for the removal cuz those 4 were to big for me to pass on my own, you want to make sure its small enough for you to pass it. Best of luck!!
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P.S. Also your appendix is on your right side, make sure you are not having an appendicitis!!
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hope you are ok... let me know how everything goes....
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sorry you are going thru this..better get it checked out..
too big=LOTS of pain!!!

Let us know what happens, please?
I'll keep you in my prayers.

take care.........
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i am still around , the pain is manageable at the moment ......it got bad for awhile but at tht point i had other people kids here so i could not leave by the time they left it started to settle a bit .i know i am going to have to go , i am chuging the water
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yes keep drinking lots but honestly if it gets unbearable you may have to see the dr... I hope you get better!! I shall pray that it passes - your pain and the bloody stone!!
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yeah i hope so two the last time I had a CT jan 2006 they were all under 3mm that is very small .
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That's been 2 yrs....think they've grown since then?
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oh yes, toxic has made a good point.. they may have grown since 2006..when was the last time you got them checked out??
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2006 was the last time but they had been the same size for at least three years before that
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but you never know.. they may have grown somewhat..how is the pain now? has it got any easier? I don't know how it works in the states but are you able to ring the doctor and get a little advice maybe?
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They might be too big to pass.  I had stones too big and were stuck in my kidney.  I had to have a lypotripsy (sp?) and a stent put in so they could all pass.  But while they were stuck in my kidney, they doctor said they were bouncing around in there when the kidney filled with fluid.  That was what my pain was.  You probably should go get the scan and get checked you dont want to mess around.  If one of those stones gets stuck in any of the tubes, you could be in more trouble than you need.  
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If you pass them, be sure to get them analyzed to see what they are mado of....sometimes it is something in your diet that can be avoided...kidney stones consist of different stuff in different people....check it out if you can
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I'm not sure what is more uncomfortable here-the passing of your kidney stone, or the fact you started your post with a 'ya all'.....
Yikes!! Do we need a vacation to the Pacific Northwest to salvage our vocabulary?!?


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Oh girl, I am worrying about you.  I hope your at the doctor right now.  I know us addicts have to be very careful, but if you have to take something then do it.  You can't be in this kinda pain. I can hear it in your typing (your hurting me).lol  You know the rules , take the least amount to get you through this.  Please keep posting and let us know how your doing.  Hugs    Mary
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Take care of yourself, I'll say a little prayer for you!!
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