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GS/MS testing for opiate use

Is anyone familiar with the methods that are used to differentiate between true opiate use and the ingestion of poppy seeds?

I attend a program that requires testing, and was upset to find that my counselor said I tested positive at around 1000ng/mL for I believe morphine (which he said was significant but after researching does not seem like a lot).

I have not used in 3 weeks but ate egg sandwiches on poppy bagels on consecutive days before the test (stupidly) and know for a fact that this caused the result. I asked if GS/MS for the follow up analysis will be used and they do, but after extensively reading up on it, it seems like there is a chance it could still show up for positive use even after GS/MS.

If anybody with some expertise can explain how accurate is GS/MS to differentiate opiate use and poppy ingestion I would be appreciative. Thank you.
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