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Hey guys , I just wanted to drop in and remind everyone (myself included) KEEP YOUR GUARDS UP! Something about this weather change and the early darkness seems to set cravings into high gear for many! Be Vigilant and aware! Regardless of your clean time! You can NEVER be to careful. Lets remember to use our recovery tools when we are feeling down and struggling! THEIR IS NO WEAKNESS in asking for help!
NOBODY here will tell you its easy, but each of us will tell you ITS WORTH IT!


You owe it to yourself to keep up the fight!
CUT YOUR SOURCES! PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS! You may be thinking..."I'd have no friends left" I'm here to tell you...WITH FRIENDS LIKE THAT YOU DON'T NEED ENEMIES! Be your own best friend!
Reach out and encourage each other (we are so great about that here) but also know that this about more than that! SHARE YOUR STRUGGLES! REACH OUT WHEN YOU NEED TOO, and AFTERCARE is so important!
I'm. Sorry if I seem preachy! I'm worried about all of us! We are all one choice away! BE STRONG!
.                          Love,
.                     Rosy
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Thanks for the post!  Great reminder to keep our guard up.  This is a very patient disease; it waited for me.  I had about 12 years off of H and made the mistake of thinking I could take a pain pill.  Several years later and I am back at the beginning.  We definitely deserve a happy and clean life!!!
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thanks for this post Rosy!!  and it's all so true!  one choice away from disaster!  hoping everyone has a great "clean" weekend!  and thanks again girl for this!  we all need to hear it!!  xoxoxo
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Well said Rosy! Thank you so much for the words of encouragement! you are such a support for me on here!
love you!
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GREAT post rosy! It will always be a battle but we are worth the fight! Guard up! Thanks honey :)
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Rosy, you are so right! The last couple of days especially I have been thinking about pain pills... 42 days and I still have to fight to get anything done. Wondering if the energy will ever come back.. Thinking if I could get a pill maybe I could get something done... Very sad.. Still, it's 42 days.. Thank You Rosy..
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Yes guard up and make plans for the holidays so very moment is spent sober...idle minds...
Already sad about thanksgiving so I may go to meetings all day if i am off...stay busy and dont use NO MATTER WHAT
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Suzzq check your pms in a minute
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Thank you for your words of wisdom and pep talk Rosy! You know we all need it with the weather changing. I can feel my pain getting worse. I wish everybody a great weekend. And a wish for strength for us all.
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Especially with the Holidays coming up! I have so much anxiety about being pill free for the first time in so many years and facing it!
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rosy posy, hey sweet girl,  first let me say hooray for 100 days!!! UGH, the holidays, i am with you, the stress and anxiety of it all is overwhelming for sure, as a harsh reminder i relapsed on New years so i will NOT let that happen to you, you are stronger than that and you WILL plunge into aftercare and do all you have to do to get through these next 3 months, and thats an ORDER!!!!! LOL sending you HUGS!
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Yes ma'am! I am dreading the holidays! I KNOW ahead of time they are going to be a difficult time for me and (maybe others?) I am AWARE That it will be a struggle and am prepared to battle.... I'm not going to lie tho... I am scared!
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I think you are right with the time change and holidays approaching, that we do need to be more vigilant.  We DO deserve a better CLEAN life!!  Thank you for this!!!
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great post rosy . Will do friend '))
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Wow.  Really good post rosy.   You are so right on keeping my guard up ESP for the holidays.  It's usually a time a splurging.  (Sigh).  Guards up.  I'm a little afraid as well.  But néed to put my armor on and fight this good fight.   Everyone says its worth it!!  We have to believe them and take their word.  

Lets do this!!!!!   ;)
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