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Gaba 750

Has anyone takin this "Gaba 750 ?
Does it help with the anxiety?
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No, it will not help with anxiety. In fact, it can cause anxiety if you take it for a time and come off of it. That is not what it is designed for. You are on day 3 and the anxiety will subside. You need to give it time and stop looking for the magic fix. You will start to feel better in a few days.
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Everyone is different, it helped me....
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You are talking about the vitamin not gabapentin right?
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I like natural calm. It is a magnesium powder that helps calm the nerves.  Sorry I hasn't heard of gaba 750. Staying realy busy helps me as well.  Even if I don't want to :)  Good luck and great job getting this far. Not everything works the same for everyone. I hope you find what helps you through w/d.  Drink Lots of water and take some vitamins.
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OMG....please let me clarify I wasn't meaning gabapentin!!!!  I was meaning the vitamin Gaba 750...Crap, I didn't even look at that!  The vitamin available at GNC....
OK...Gaba 750 - gamma amniobutyric (gabba amino acids) which is supposed to fill the gaba receptors in the brain which is supposed to bring on a calmer feeling. I just thought it helped with "brain" but it does say it's to enhance a calmer feeling.  
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Thank you. Someone on here suggested it to me so i was asking..its supposed to help calm u i guess..not a narcotic
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Yes my Dr told me about it recently. I feel it helps with nerve damage and rls. That's why she said take it. Gaba 750 twice daily. It doesn't take rls completely away but yes it helps.
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So if i get gaba that helps calm and l-tyrosine that helps with energy a bit is that a good combo?
I need somethin for pain..well muscle relief..idk..ANYTHING..LMAO.
Work was miserable today. NO energy at all!! Sore all over!! Just no desire to work ;/
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Hi...  Here is an article or site that has some info for natural pain relief. But I have not tried it or don't know enough about it to say if it works but it was a good read.  Good luck. I hope you find what works for you :)

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