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Getting anxious again....

Dang it!!! Feeling anxiety again.  It's always when I'm Hm all day.  Too much darn time to think. ESP when I know it's In the house bc of hubby's stash.  

Ugh!!  Trying to keep myself busy w kids and cleaning. Already worked out this morning which felt great.  But now I'm getting those stupid thoughts again!!!  

Have I told u how much I hate this addiction we have and how our minds can play games on us ?

Praying and trying to calm myself down.  16 days in.  No way I'm
Looking back now!!!!!!!  
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Can you get out of the house and do something?  Maybe take a walk or take the kids to a park or something?  (not sure where u live; is it warm enough?).

You have come SO far.  You are SO strong.  Your mind IS trying to trick you.  How about taking a bath or starting a book if you cant get outside?  Or what about renting a movie . . . something funny.  I hope the Hub's stash is hidden away?

Stay close to here - keep posting - you are going to be fine.  Take a big deep breath, relax.  You can do this.
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I just took one of the boys out of the house to get ice cream and go to the store.

I'm gonna be ok. Just *****.  No it's not visible to me.  I would hve to go searching for it.  Haven't done that!!  
Nor will I.  
Thanks Julie.  I hate this!!!!!!!!!  

I will be ok!!  16 days!!!!!!  
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I know it absolutely *****!!!   I can't imagine having it around - but like you said - you WONT go looking for it.  These anxieties, cravings, etc. WILL lessen and get better......hang in there.  I know you can do this.

16 Days is awesome; actually close to 17 at this point :))
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just lean on us here girl.....we can talk you thru it...you ARE strong and have come so far and fought hard!  slow deep breaths girl....you are gonna be just fine!  maybe the hubby can lock it up in his car/truck???  at least it will be out of the house.
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Hi did you get my PM back...Try to drink some relaxing teas, or warm milk..Take some magnz, ds, cal..They calm you down...Try not to over due it..It some times can jack you up...You can buy a powder called "Calm" or "Stress" I have some and it wipes me out..It has the magnz in it..My magnz is called RelxaMag...I use it at night every night...How about the amino-acids..They seem to calm me down....Oh it does get better..That was the worst for me for many, many months..It slowly came down..My benzo had alot to do with it too...30 days plus I just rocked back and forth in a chair..I was Bat Wing Crazy for the first 30...You will be fine..It is only comming and going for you...Can you take a bath????  lol
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Ok girls.   Whew.  I redirected myself.  Cane Hm from store and took bath.  Now the urge has passed.  

Listened to some amazing worship music that spoke to my heart.  

(After all YOU are constant, after all YOU are always there.  Not for a moment will YOU forsake me.   Not for a moment will YOU forsake me!!!!)

I'm good now.  Thank u ladies   It's just a process of ups and downs.  Its called life.  Right?? Love you girls.  Thanks
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glad you are feeling better girl!  i have faith in you....you can over come this....and the anxiety will lessen in time...it about got the best of me for week or so, but i didn't let it!  and neither will you!  
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Thanks Lisa.  Up and down and up and down. Like a merry go round. Lol.
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Its called the "Cyber Net Power Paryers" Where 2 or more are gathered..Well we are connected some way..You can feel vives on here...Or moods ect...lol
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Yes!!!  Thank u for your prayers!!  

When two or more are gathered in His name there He is in there presence !!!  Amen sista
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Strength, Courage, Determination!!!! Carry On =0)
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