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Getting off opiates Finally

To make a long story short.I had Cervical Fusion done again for the second time in my neck September 20th
and I have been taken "5 mg-325 percocets" Since May On and off no more then 6 a day.
The week before my surgery I was taken 2 a time every 4 hours I never went over 8 a day.
The week after my surgery I took 8 a day also, then I started tapering off them.
For a week I would take 6 a day, the next week I would take 4 a day then 3 a day then to finish them up I was
taken just 2 a day. So my question is it has been 36 hours since I took my last 2.
I do feel a little crappy and I have a cold since Monday, but I'm not craving them at all.
When do you think I will be out of the woods with this? My doctor don't think I will have a problem but nothing wrong with hearing other opinions.
I'm drinking plenty of water,Taken Vitamins, I'm eating normal.
I get hot flashes every now and then, But my fever stays the same "No fever"
But I was just wondering if it's going to hit me a bit more then this with the amount I was taken??
Thank you in advance for the replies.

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From your post it doesn't look like you were on a high dosage and you didn't take them for a long period so you may get lucky and just feel a little uncomfortable. Are you still in pain from your surgery? I wish you luck and hope you feel better.
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I would say that this is as bad as it will get for you!  I admire you for stopping before you got flat-out addicted to them like me!

Best of luck to you! : )
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Thank you for the reply .
I'm just about over the 36hours mark waiting to see what tomorrow will bring me
I'm not craving them at all ,, I just keep thinking about my 3 friends that ODed with pills That will keep me going threw this, I miss my best friend so much and it hurts me I could not help him, he didn't want any help he had everything under control, He was doing it for the hell of it. I had major surgery done and he would eat 19 to 27 roxxy a day.
Thats why I don't like them.. As far as the pain it's a lot better.
I hate getting these bad hot flash's they come and go.I haven't sleep good since monday
Going to take a Ambien In five minutes and get some good sleep.
I will see you peeps 2morro :)
Thank you again for the replays with the kind words :)
Thank You Take Care Friends :)
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Hope you are feeling ok. The first couple days can be rough, but I can only speak from my own experience. I took the same pill, but about 15 a day, and I  tapered too. I couldn't do ct! But I can honestly say I'm glad I tapered, bc the wds were not as bad as I thought. I'm on day 5 right now and I honestly feel good. At night I get a little anxious and edgy, but that's because I usually would take 3 atleast st beftime. So I'm learning  new ways to calm myself down and relax. I am thinking this may be as bad as it here for you. I hope it is anyway! Stick to it, stay positive, and I'm here if you need anything! Congratulations!! You're on your way!  :)
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** sorry about the typos and errors!
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I'm doing my best also, Like you read the most I took was 8 maybe 9 the most then tapper.I will know when I get up 2morro. I took ambien about 20 minutes ago I haven't slepted since monday, and this cold like a mild case of the flu. I hope I feel a little better 2morro if not I will hold intill the next day :)
Congratulations to you also keep up the good work :)
Talk to you all 2morro have a good night everyone!!!!
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Well it has been over 48 hours now. And I sure can use a Pill :( Mostly because of the pain I'm having. But I just want to be done with the pills and I don't want to take them ever again. This is mostly due to my Mental state then my physical one. last night sucked again with trying to sleep took 2 ambien and I was up and down all night. I want to get a full night sleep already. Still feels like I got the flu my diarrhea seemed to have calmed down a bit. But the more I feel like crap the more I want to never take another pill again.
My anxiety is threw the roof. Feels like I got a IV of caffeine going into my vein :(
Well going to get something to eat I hope everyone is doing OK :)
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Well it's going to be 60 hours since my last dose. And I feel pretty crappy.
Hot,cold, sick to my stomach, legs hurt,very restless, but I feel no need to take any more pills. I'm just so mad at myself that I made them my enemy and I hate them and want nothing to do with them. I felt a little urge to have some before but I got over it.
It don't feel like I'm going to die but I feel like **** in plain English and I keep saying to myself tomorrow will be better:) and soon I will get on with my life...
Hope everyone is doing OK...
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u should be coming up on the end dude just hang in there i am on day 4 now of detox from vicodin which i snorted anywhere from 10 a day with my friend sometimes more and i am stating to feel better i just talked on the phone with my friend 10 mins ago and told him those w/d symptoms was it slapping us in our face to make sure like so u guys want to do pills go ahead then when u want to quit again u can go through this  

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Yes no turning back now.
It feels like I'm losing a week of my life..
Good luck to you to and hang in there.
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More then 72 hours and still hanging in there :)
No cravings :) Everything seems to be coming back to normal.
Still my arm pits and behind my knees sweat can't wait till that's over, I hope within the next couple of days it will be gone.My legs hurt a little but not as bad as yesterday. Nose Is a little runny,Bowl movements almost back to normal.Everything is going well
I'm so proud of myself that I'm Finally Done :) I'm so happy :)And I' SO Proud Of All Of You people with all the great work you people have for yourselves :)
I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE WHO POSTED HERE ,You people gave me GREAT support :)THANK YOU O so very much :))
Talk to you peeps later....
                                      My blessings are with you all:)
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If anyone is interested I use AOL messenger,Skype,Yahoo ..
And would like to talk to make the time go by a little faster.
Send me a message and let me know :)
I wouldn't Mine doing some talking to pass the time :)
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Hi. How goes the battle? Well I hope. You can do this! Hopefully you are feeling better. And good for you for not giving in to cravings earlier on. You'd be at square one again. Don't look back. Run like he!!. Have a good night.
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Hello all.
Its been 5 whole days the worst is far over.
I'm still sweating in the palms of my hands behind the knees and in the arm pits, when will this end????? Driving me nuts.
I still have no cravings at all for another pill. But I have a lot of pain the past 3 days from my surgery in my neck and back. What should I ask my Doctor to give me for pain?? Something that don't have Opiates? But something that would work to take the pain away.
But I don't want to go threw withdrawals again in my life. Total week of heel for me.

But other then that I'm doing good but still have pain from surgery. Remember I had Major stuff done to my neck the second time and this time around really suxx..

I hope everyone is doing good and hanging in there.
I wish all the best of luck I really feel and prey for those ones That have it harder then I did.
That's the way I looked at it, even tho I was on a little lower level then some here :(
I wish all the luck and health for you people in the future :) Stay Strong!!!! Never Look Back It's always going to get better :)
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Its been a week today. I'm still sweating feel like crap.The sweating is really getting to me:(
I'm in so much pain from my surgery going to hopefully see my doctor today.
I probably go back on the percs I can't deal with this pain anymore.
I will just stay with 10 mg a day just so I get some relief and no lose of sleep I hope.
Wish me luck.........
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Well congrats on a week, but so sorry to hear you are still in pain :(
Whatever you decide to do today, good luck to you!
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I think if i don't go over 20 mg a day i will be ok.
And then when I'm ready to come off I will taper them down , I wont be as close
o what I was taken during my surgery so I'm going to respect it more.
Thank you for the good luck wish :)
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