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Getting rid of the Hydrocodone habit!!!

I have been taking 7.5-10mg hydrocodone regularly for the past year. I have became addicted to them now and cant seem to function without all over pain without them. I honestly dont even think that my body actually hurts anymore. I think that I am probably fine! My Fiance takes them as well but a lot higher dosage then me. He can take anywhere all the way up to 50-60mg hydrocodone a day. He doesnt take that much a day but he has here and there. But he really wants to stop taking them! He would be fine as well excpecially since he is more active then me. He wants to go cold turkey but I am hesatent if im strong enough to handle the pain. Excpecially since I work a full time job and have to be on point at all times. I am not really sure what the best way or procedure is to get rid of this habit is but I am hoping someone on here could really help us! I dont have a doctor either, We get our meds from friends and dealers. Please Help!
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Hi well welcome....you came to thr right place we do at home detoxs every day here I suggest you read the other post it will take some of the fear of doing this out of it now there are 2 ways of doing this you can taper or C/T both have benefits both have flaws for most addicts tapering is all but impossible you have to have resolve to stick to the taper and perseverance to put up with the withdrawal for a extended period many fail just from days with no sleep now C/T or cold turkey is just that you jump and it is more like ripping a bandage off quick and well not painless but it gets you on the road to recovery a lot faster typically the withdrawal is a 4 day deal with most people coming out of it on day 5 or 6 most people choose this option the best advise I can give you is dont put it off just do it you wont be chained to a pill bottle any more and it is so so worth it this is like a case of the flu with some added anxiety you wont die from it but you may wish you where dead... this is 1/3 phyical and 2/3 mental so be ready to fight it out on both fronts I have said this a million times but it is very true..''you just got to be ok without being ok for a wile this to shale pass'' it is uncomfortable but suffering is a choice it is all about a positive attitude your well on your way with that  stock up on the stuff suggested get a case of gator aid some funny moves to watch wile your up all night we will all work with you together we can set you free....once your detoxed we will teach you what it takes to stay clean detoxing is the ez part remember it is 2/3 mental and you will still be a addict long after your detox we recamend aftercare N/A is free the meetings give you somewhere to vent or talk and the people  will understand ''normies' dont get it you just get that deer in the head light stare....this is not optional if you dont take the time to work out the addict and the addictive behavior your going to wind up right back to square one we all want to see you make it keep posting for support if you have questions please feel free to ask  we all want to help   may God be with you......
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Hi and Welcome to our MedHelp Family

If you decide to Detox CT here is a list of items that can help with the symptoms.  Of course, there is no way to get rid of them completely but with most people these suggestions make things bearable.  No matter what keep posting, if you can't sleep post or read postings by people who are detoxing at the same time - it helps.  If you think you are slipping...post...lots of people here to support you.

Here is the list:
First, use the Search MedHelp and search for the Thomas Recipe.

Restless Leg Syndrome:  Hylands Restless Leg Tablets (make sure it is the kind with Quinine in it)
     Tonic Water (Schweppes is a good one) that also has quinine in it, sip on it until bedtime.  Add something to it if you don't like the taste.  I used sugar-free Crystal Light Tangerine flavor in mine.
      Orthopedic socks, the tight ones for the lower legs
       Ace bandages for the upper legs and arms, wrap tightly or use towels wrapped tightly
      Before wrapping everything up rub some Ben Gay or Tiger Balm into the skin
       Heating Pads

Big bag of Epsom Salts:  A good 15 to 20 soak in a really hot bath with salts in it will relieve a lot of your symptoms like anxiety for a while in addition to helping get toxins out of your skin.  Take as many per day as needed, definitely take one before you wrap up for RLS for the night.

Water, Lifewater with Electrolytes, Gatorade, anything to make sure you don't get dehydrated because that will make your symptoms worse.  If you have a juicer fresh juice would be terrific as long as your tummy can handle it.

Protein shakes, bananas, toast, rice, applesauce...whatever your tummy can handle.  We never want to eat but the same thing goes here...if you don't eat a little bit your symptoms will be worse.

Sleep and Anxiety:  Chamomile Tea, Melatonin, Sundown Super Melatonin (has Valerian, Passion Flower and other items good for sleep and anxiety).  You can go the Valium route IF your doctor prescribes and you would only want to use it for maybe 7 days because you don't want to wind up addicted to benzo's.

Vitamins:  Cal-Mag-Zinc 3in1, Good Multi-Vitamin, Super B Complex, Amino Acids like L-Lysine, B-12 injection or sublingual (this is for after the insomnia part of WD is over) for energy.  Try to get these items at Walmart...you will save at least 50% over a drugstore like Walmart.

Bathroom Issues:  Immodium...some people say to take 8 tablets daily.  Some say 4.  You want to slow it down but not stop it completely because it is another way for your body to void the toxins.

Tummy Issues:  Zantac or any OTC tummy product.  You can also talk to your doctor about Zofran if it is really bad.

Chocolate:  This one doesn't do much of anything EXCEPT for hit the same center of your brain that the opiates do...the pleasure center.  The few people that it has been suggested to said it was an awesome suggestion.

Clonidine if your doctor will prescribe it.  It is a high blood pressure medication so you need to talk to your doctor first.  It is also used for opiate, nicotine and alcohol withdrawals.  It does help reduce the symptoms quite a bit...usually it is 0.1 mg twice a day though the doctor may prescribe more if you are taking a high amount of opiates.  One of the main benefits is it helps with cravings.  It is only used for 7 to 10 days though.  It is a medication that requires tapering off of if taken for a length of time (like most high BP and heart medications)

A local couple who provide fresh raw honey swear by bee pollen sprinkled on cereal, salads, vegies...pretty much whatever you want to put it on will help.

I hope you decide to just jump and do it!  We can help you through the detox process and Gnarly, our resident go-to guy, is extremely helpful with aftercare information.

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First of ALL you two have to really, really want this. I would Love to see you both get out why you are young. It gets harder and harder as we age and it makes it harder to go through a detox.
I would get a DR and let him know about your Addiction..They do have comfort meds to help. Most of us just had to go c/t because if the pills are in our hands we would take them all. Even if I gave them to someone to hand out to me, I could still sniff them out like a dog and find them anywhere.
Maybe even go to a Addiction Dr who can help too. Also hit those meeting NOW..This is a WE thing..SUPPORT is the number one key..Look up Addiction in a more Scientific way so you can understand how the brain is highly affected by this..This is a Brain Disease and like any other disease you need all the Support you can get.
The bad thing is that you both do the pills..It will only take one of you to give in and then there you both go again..You 2 really need to stick close to all and as many support groups you can get..You will have to get rid of those so called friends that use..They are not real friends but pill friends.
The party is over and there will be no more going around those people that use. No more old stomping grounds. All of this will only trigger you into using. This is a brain disease and like any other disease we need help and support..I sure do wish you both the best of luck..Take that first Step and keep on Stepping forward from here.
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I know you said you don't have a doctor but if there is a way for you to get Clonidine it helps the withdrawals tremendesly! Also,  Advil and lots and I mean lots of fluids. Everyone is different but the few things are helping me coming down from 200mg hydro a day. Good luck!!
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just stop cold turkey.  take a long weekend (friday and monday off) and that should get you through the worst of it.

there are many, many posts on here with suggestions on how to get through the withdrawals.  
you 2 can attend NA meetings together.  you will benefit from aftercare since this is 1/3 physical and 2/3 mental
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