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Give up

So today was my third day going down to the "substance abuse treatment center" to try to get help.  Today was supposed to be my "doctor appointment."  (There will be a lot of quotes here because what they're called "doctors" and "treatment" is actually just a bunch of BS.)  The doctor asked me first thing if I thought I needed psychiatric meds...I said, "I don't know what I need, all I know is that I want to detox and get off of this damn pain medicine and I can't do it by myself."  She says to me, "We don't do that here."  WHAT????  So I've spent a total of 6 hours in this place talking to 2 different counselors about what I need and NOW you tell me that you don't do that??

So I guess I'm going back to my doctor to get pain meds and I will try once again to ween myself.  Why is it so hard to find help?  No wonder this destroys so many lives, if you can't get any help what are you supposed to do?
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im sorry to hear that...yes detox is expensive..your best bet is to find a suboxone doctor. but DO NOT stay on suboxone for long or you will just then be dependent on the subs next. dont give up!
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Thank you for the advice, but I've been on suboxone before and my dr. didn't tell me it was addictive.  Needless to say, I became addicted and I really don't want to trade one substance for another.
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I'm sorry to hear you are going through this when you want help and can't find it.

What exactly are you hoping to do at the treatment center? I ask because substance abuse treatment centers are in-patient and require a minimal 28 day stay. At these centers they rarely do a physical detox and usually require that you do a few days at a hospital or at home detoxing before going in. So what they do is to work on the mental aspect of the disease of addiction and teach you coping skills, etc. A detox facility can either be in-patient for usually 5 or 6 days, or it can be out-patient. They will use a maintenance drug to detox you (and that's all they do) and you can pretty much bet that the drug they will use will be Suboxone.

It is just my opinion but I think the detox centers should be illegal. Like I said, they get you through a few days and send you on your merry way. They don't set you up to succeed.

So I guess you have to decide what it is you are looking for this go round. Let us know and we can share our experience.
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Listen to IB - she knows what she's talking about.

Don't let one bad experience - or an unexpected outcome - deter you.  You have to be an advocate for your own healthcare and you're stronger than you think you are.

Good luck to you!  :)
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I may have missed it, but why did you get on pain meds in the first place?  If a dr prescribed it for a chronic pain condition what has changed?  The reason I ask,  I have had 3 spinal fusions, am now disabled, and in need of a 4th surgery (which I am putting off). I have flushed my meds down the toilet, I have thrown them into a paint recycle (when managing a body shop), and ran them down the bathtub drain.  The only thing I won was an insight to suffering.  I hate taking pain meds, but I hate pain and the way it affects my personality more.  I guess what I am saying is.... if you truly need them, maybe you should reconcile yourself to them.  If you don't,  then a week of "foul weather" may be your only answer.......
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HI  try your state run mental health care facility ......they should be able to point you in the right direction of a detox/rehab center if all else fails we can do a home detox with you its not as bd as it sounds and it is always worst in ourv minds then it turns out to be no need to spend 1000s of dollars to do what you can do from home tapering may work for you tell your doctor and he can set up a taper schedule for you and if that dont work out we can just  go C/T and get it over in about a week again try not to let fear into the equation it will only make it worst  but you can do this with a little will power and some perseverance we can get you threw a detox and in a week you wont be chained to a pill bottle any more let up know what you want to do as for the taper just to let you know you do still go threw withdrawals just not as harsh as c/t but they will last a month rather then a week so theres a trade off let up know what you want to do good luck and God bless......Gnarly    
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hey, how are you? i hope and pray you didnt decide to go get more pills from the doctor. you should just continue with your detox at home and then get into counseling,support groups to help you continue in your recovery.
i am praying for the chains and bondage of addiction to loose you in the name of JESUS
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