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Gizzy is 10 months clean today!!!

Hey guys, make some noise, gizzy is 10 months clean today!!! Woooohoooo

Gizz you are one of the pillars of this community and many wouldn't have done it without your support and great advice. You help so many on here on a daily basis, Let me thank you for that, you're just an awesome guy!
We all love youuuuuuu!!!
Keep on Rocking in a Free World my Friend:)
xoxoxo. sophie.
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Yeah Gizzy - it seems like it was just yesterday that you passed 9 months.  Way to go!  You have a big birthday coming up soon!
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(((((GIZZY)))))     10 months!!!   Good for you!!!   When I'm more awake, I'll say something articulate...
Love you~
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Congratulations Gizzy-just keep doing what you've been doing it will be a year in no time.

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Congratulations on 10 months!  Keep fighting the good fight.  I can tell you life is getting better and better each day.  Continue to encourgae others.

God Bless You....Rue
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Congratulations Gizzy . . . . you walk the walk and talk the talk . . . Wishing you continued success . . . Deb
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10 months !! congrats, canadá :))
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Congrats my friend!!!! Soph is right....many of us wouldn't be able to do it without you!!I'm so proud of you my friend!!!Hugs~Anne
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Congrats on 10 months!!!!!  Awesome :)
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gizzy...congrats to you my friend....i m so happy for you...2 more months and we re really going to party....may God continue to bless you and keep you safe....sending 10 balloons up there...can you see them??....maria :)  :)
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Yaay that is wonderful!  Congrats, Gizzy!
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TEN MONTHS...huge accomplishment..Just keep racking up the minutes and hours as you have been doing.
I am VERY VERY proud of you.
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You my friend rock!! Dancing in Maryland for you!!!!
Just wish you had beter taste in football teams! :)

Love ya!!

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Giz~  You are such an asset and support on the forum!   You've helped many people
with your sweet,reassuring words.  You check in everday and always reach out to anyone struggling.  To me,you're perfect!!!    That's why I'm getting a tattoo that says:
"GIZZY"!    LOL      Keep staying strong...you're doing it!!
Big Hug~
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Congrats on 10 months!!!  I am so so proud of you. Special flyover heading your way~~~~~sara
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Congrats Gizzy...you deserve every day!
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I am so happy for you!  Your hard work pays off each and every day......for yourself and for all of us!!!  You are an inspiration.

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Congrats my friend!!!!!!
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Whooo Hoo Gizzy :)) Congratulations !! hugs lesa
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Congrats Gizzy!  You are winng the war!
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hey dude congrads on 10mo you doing great now soon you will have a yr...you have been an inspiration on this forum shairing so openly and honestly your struggles ...you have made a difference in my life...and I love your posts...your an asset to the forum keep up the good work and keep shairing from you heart it helps so many ...myself included
good luck and may God bless you abundantly your friend Mark  
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Thank you so much everyone. There was a time when I made a day clean it was a miracle lol. I have learned a lot here and thankful to have found this place over 2 years ago. You have all helped me more than you could know and gave me tough love when I needed it. In fact I was so scared of you guys and the as s kickings I decided to stop relapsing lol. I am proud of you all and congrats to everyone on their clean time. Now it's my turn to give out the as s kickings lol.
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You have done such a great job and you have come a long way keep it up .You very close to a year ...
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Gizzy way to go!!! That's amazing, your posts are always so helpful and I love how down to earth and "real" you are. That's awesome =) Keep it up my friend and thanks for those times you helped me when I was really hurting.
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Congrats man 10 months is huge. Continue to be an inspiration to those around you; we only keep what we have by giving it away!
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