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God bless you!!!!

Hi!  I am helping my husband on the road to lowering his suboxone!  He is doing very well, he is on 4mg twice a day and it is time to reduce again, I need suggestions for the reduction, I am so happy for him, he is on the right path, looking for God, away from everything bad, focused in his recovery, but we need a plan to stay clean, it is my husband of ten years we fight together with this, me supporting him and giving him the encouragement he needs and the commitment to be healthy for me and our children, I need suggestions how to stay clean, and how to feel better while decreasing, thank you!  and God bless you
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I am happy, my husband reduced from 8mg to 6mg of suboxone, little by little I will recover it, he is taking vitamins B12, I am making green juice, we bought the magnesium and potassium powder, he slept well taking only tylenol pm, I am grateful for God, he will overcome it, he has a lot of desire to get out of this, and we are looking for God more every day together, any advice would be very appreciated!  Thank you!  God bless you and if you can with a lot of faith and good will, you can!
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As he's reducing his dose he needs to eat super clean....lots of greens, lean meats! A good multivitamin will help, maybe some xtra magnesium and zinc. Not sure how quickly/slowly ya'll are reducing his dose but I can tell you the slower the better!
I know this will sound weird but funny movies, stand up comedians, anything to laugh helps! I also listened to positive "messaged" music....you know like"push you through it" music. Nothing dark!!!!  Don't do too much caffeine as it won't give you the desired result....it made my anxiety go through the roof!  You stated he's finding recovery....does he go to meetings b/c they are extremely helpful.
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I'm looking for a place for him, but I'm thinking that an individual psychologist is better for him, after he cleans up we want to start the gym together, but the truth is, I don't know what else I can offer him, for his recovery, if this has to leave the same, keep going all the time, today he is sick, he started to decrease, I'm just here encouraging him, how long does it take for the body to adapt to its new dose?

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