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I had the craziest experience today. From the moment I woke up, I have had this inner peace that is not explainable. It felt like God was soothing my heart. I can't really describe it. I have never truly ever believed in God. I might have said I did, but I didn't. I had no idea what faith was. Don't get me wrong. I am still scared. God and I have a lot of work to do before I am trusting him the way I should, but it was undeniable today the he was the one putting my soul at ease. I went to my meeting last night, and the chapter we studied was the exact thing I needed to hear. Coincidence? I think not. Then I have this peace and serenity about me all day long. I think it is, in part, due to some of the kind comments you all have given me, and for that, I am forever grateful. But mostly, I think it is God telling me that this will all be OK, and I will not be taken away from my babies.
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There are no coincidences. That is just GOD's way of remaining anonymous.

You will be okay honey. Believe. And hold on to that feeling.
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Yes!  I'm so happy to hear this from you!  Hang on to it because it works!
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I 2nd what IBKleen said....there r no coincidences...and if your impressed with that, stick around b/c it gets even better!
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Surrender all unto God and he will fight your battles.
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Well this was a true JOY to read girl...!!!!

Faith is like the air in a balloon....you can't touch it, see it or feel it....but it makes you RISE UP and IT WORKS.....keep believing... and trusting will get easier and easier.

My Dad died with 25 yrs sober...and his favorite line that we ALL got sick and tired (haha) of hearing:

  "If you pray, why worry.  If you worry, why pray?"

You go girl.....
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That is a pretty great line. This is really corny, but I will say it anyway: on my way home, I was looking at the clouds, and I had never seen anything so pretty before. It was like sheer bliss. I felt like it was a sign. The feeling I have had all day is like the best high I could ever get, and I am sober. That is nuts. I never knew this existed. Friends would tell me about their faith, and I sloughed them off like they were crazy. And here I am. When I do the right things, God gives me peace and serenity. I am kind of speechless.
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Footprints in the Sand.

When you are having the most troubles, He is carrying you.  No you are not crazy. I feel a Gods presence and guiding hand a lot. It is truly amazing.
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Honey you ain't seen nothing yet! God has blown my socks off. I am almost 10 months clean and in this time my husband and I have really been working on us. We just celebrated 35 years, I am going to be a grandmom, god turned my biggest tormentor at work into a boss who respects me and gave me a big raise, my son came for a visit and God's not done yet, He gave me sobriety, recovery, healing and happiness

I know God is working in your life and you will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams.  You are doing great. Keep at it.
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There is nothing corny about that....shoot, just last week I was driving into town and pulled my car over to take a picture of the sky.  I ooo and ahh A LOT since I got clean.....I see God's hand everywhere I look for it.

A few days later.....I did the same thing only this time was to capture a cotton field in full bloom....just ready for pickin.

Our eyes are the windows to our souls....and when we aren't clouded with drugs....we see His glory....because now we have the eyes to see it~
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You all made me cry and have given me hope.
Nice thread love.
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Proud of you and happy for you.  It sounds like the surrendering is working!!
Bless you sweet girl.  Everything WILL be okay.  I truly believe this in my soul.
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Remember GOD already knew everything about you before you were created. It's all in HIS hands. HE didn't bring you this far to let you down.
So proud of you!!!!
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Only an open heart can be filled to overflowing. Nobody can prove love exists, yet we all who have felt it know undoubtedly that it is.
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To have Fear is to have no Faith..To have Faith is to have no Fear..

Imagine that your God is sitting on a big pouch just sitting there waiting for his children to return..He sees you coming back to him and he runs and hugs and holds you so tight..He knew you would come back someday as he waited with the up most Patience..
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God is always with you. Through the good and the bad. Prayer helps and comforts me in my lowest time. My pp habit became worse after my husband who I loved with all my soul I found out he was cheating on me. The day I found out he quit all communication with me all while I am dealing with a cancer diagnosis for my Dad with 3-6 month life expectancy. The only reason I am making it is through the grace of God. I am back in church and then kicking this habit due to migraines and things will be better. So yes talk to God he always listens.
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so happy to hear this update.  Lord knows so many of us have been praying for you.  

see, worrying about what 'could' happen is never helpful or healthy.  let go and let God.  everything will work out exactly according to HIS plan for you.  

(i really need to practice what i preach about worrying, lol, but i do try hard)
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Man, this is an old thread, but I would sure like to converse with some of these folks on here.
CHRISTopher wooten
Praise be to HIs holy name!
BTW, I have known the Lord for 8 years come May 16th, 2018.....He delivered me off 25 year cigarette and marijuana  habit, 115mg/day of methadone.....
But I still struggled inside, and I'm trying to go below about 6 mg/day of suboxone. I'm not perfect, but I'm known, and I know.  : -)
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