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Goin' fishin!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day... I'm goin' fishin (my favorite thing to do) woohooooo!!!!  I luvs ya all... and I hope everyone is doing ok... I'll be back in a few hours!! Luvs ya'll Lil.  :)
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i luv my fishin too.we hav many lakes and rivers where i live but ive never mastered fly fishing.surf casting or fishing off the rocks for schnapper,kingfish and even tuna.
regards J
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you just remind me of a leaf...blowing in the wind.

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Whaddya catch? Do you fish in a creek, pond, lake, or ocean? How fun! So glad you got out and did something you love so much!

It's snowing real hard here and I stayed inside all day and worked on the computer. Day #6 for me! Being drug-free is finally starting to feel...Good!

Lotsa Love to go my friend.

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thanx Lizzie.i like that.cool.
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Thanks guys... hellc? That's something I've never tried either, and I've tried all types of fishing.  Never tried fly fishing.  We didn't catch anything that we would take home today though :(  We caught 2 saltwater catfish, 2 little trout (too little not legal to keep) a blue fish and a lady fish.  Yeah we like going mostly salt water fishing.  We love going under bridges cuz there are alot of pilings to fish around and have caught lots of huge trout, red fish, black drum, mangrove snapper, and Snook.  I LOVE FISHING SO MUCH... and now that I'm not taking a shitload of pills everyday, I actually wanna fish with my family again after 3 years of not wanting to leave the house much less fish lol.  Welp, u guys have a wonderful restful nite and I'll cya in the morning... Luvs ya all, Lil.  :)
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