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Going off the Tabs

Well many of you know I taper off Methadone 59 days ago I went from 20mg to 5 mg and jumped I handled  it very well compared to what I have read about it now I for sure feel that the dones are behind me I am 59 days completely off the dones I went to my New Dr who is an ******* but thats ok he was very surprised I quit the Dones I was on 4 Loratabs a days for a few years and have been still today he was under the impression I was on 3 a day and that is what my new script if for now 3 a day I didnt argue with him about it because I want to quit anyway I am gonna try to taper with the extra pills I have so I will go to 3 and a half for a few days and just drop Halfs every few days till I am off how will it compare to the Methadone detox I heard 3 to 4 days and the worst is over but I can tell when the tabs wear off which is about every 3hrs I start a mild w/d in about 5hrs after my last tab it starts that soon for me I am dependent not an addict I have know choice but to get down to 3 a day wish me luck I am so ready to get this Done wish me luck for some reason I feel this may be harder on me than the dones
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It may be a little bit harder because well getting off the meth you had the tabs to fall back on. Now in the back of your mind you know there will be nothing to fall back on. I'd go a little slower with your taper maybe? No point in being really uncomfortable. If you're gona taper,taper right. Dropping half pills is a good idea,but I'd do it maybe over a week or so. Not a few days. I know the first one you have to because doc left you one short. So when you get to 3 stabilize intill comfortable,then drop half. The point of tapering is to not be crazy uncomfortable,if you are then just try dropping a quarter at first. Then another quarter. You're on a low dose,this will be over before you know it. You've kicked tramadol and methadone!!! You're a F'in EPIC!! You can do the tabs too no prob!! :))
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Yea I am sure regardless if I was an addict or dependent just the mental part of knowing I was still taking tabs helped with the Methadone detox and I wont have that this time I am on day 2 of 3 and half tabs and doing ok I just wake up early with pain in the morning I have enough left from last month to make it another 6 days at 3 and a half a day I guess I will have to deal with it
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Your plan to get off the hydrocodone sounds like a good one....
I had a dr advise me to reduce 1/2 pill per week until I reached zero....and to expect some rebound pain before I assessed by true pain levels.
Since you consider yourself "dependent" rather than addicted, you should do well with the plan you have laid out and total freedom will be yours!
Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on~
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I have been taking my doses every 5 hr instead of every 4hr and doing ok at that but I will have to go to 6hr prbly to get to 3 a day but I am doing good so far
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Yay!! Good for you dozeman!! Freedom is so close for you,and I know you've been through a lot doing this all alone. Getting off the methadone and the trams,you are truly amazing!! Have you decided about what you will do for pain relief when you're off these? I'm assuming if you were on very strong meds,you have some chronic pain? That is the hard part. You don't want to hurt everyday either. Lots of diff things out there though. :)) you rock dude!! xox Krissy!!
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I was on meds for an injury but I think im healed enough to not need Narotic meds anymore but that is not yet known but so far its going good I realized one day out of the blue that I was taking them to avoid the w/d that was coming on I was mistaking w/d for pain because I didnt know anything about meds other than the Dr gave them to me and I felt great but we all know you just keep needing more to get the same effect I will study any thing I ever take from now on
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