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Good Morning Too. Nobody responded to my post either, must be vacation time !

Hi coming off Actiq and down to 4/ day and decided to stop. Patch to go next, but I will wait a little to see how I go
My biggest problem is getting out my bed due to severe lethargy. I am taking vitamin and mineral supplements has anyone any other ideas I may benefit from. I just want my life back. I know I'll be restricted due to all my ill health problems resulting from cancer therapies, I just want more ooph, energy and motivation.
Any suggestions please.
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It's been slow around here for a while now. People will be in and out so keep trying. I came off two years of suboxone and from what I know all wd symptoms are basically the same, just different severities. Energy just takes a while to come back. I just took it slow. Extremely slow lol You're going to be weening for a while with both meds so maybe try talking to your doc about your energy issues. I know exercise is that last thing you probably feel like doing but "they" say it gives you more energy. Keep reading posts old and new. You might find what someone else posted 5 years ago help you!
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