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Got Percocet for Ovarian Cyst

Hey ya'll. I've been clean from Oxys and Percs since December 27, 2010. It's felt soooo wonderful! Yes there are times when I get cravings and times when my body tries to convince me that I'm in pain, but other than that I've been great.

***Warning, TMI & girl talk ahead***

I originally got pain pills for my polycystic ovaries and related pain right before & during my period. Unfortunately Mother Nature decided to give me a gift the other day: yup, it seemed I was starting my period. I got a Toradol shot (NSAID) in the dr's office the other day, and that helped a bit. Today, however, I was in loads of pain and felt nauseas. The pain was in my left side (front and back). I suspected a kidney stone, and since that's the only kidney I've got, I started to panic. My period has also been acting strange: I have been *barely* bleeding for a good 3 days now. That's not normal for me.

I wound up going to the ER to rule out the kidney stone and to see what's up with my period. (I have lots of different medical issues, so I'm extra cautious in order to avoid compromising my health.) They said that I have a ruptured hemorrhagic cyst. These can be very painful. I'll cut right to the chase: they gave me 10 mg Percocet in the ER and I accepted. I also got an Rx for 20-5 mg percocets. That's the bad news.

The good news is that someone else is holding most the pills for me. I took 15 mg tonight because, hello, I'm in pain and I have a tolerance! Did I get high in the hospital? Nope, it just helped with the pain. Do I plan to get high off of the pills I have at home? No, not at all. To be completely honest I have 3 more with me at the house and that's all I'm going to take for this darn thing. The other 14 are going to disappear and not down into my stomach.  

I feel like a failure & like I relapsed, but then again I don't. I'm taking the pills for legitimate pain, and I'm taking just the minimum I can to feel relief. They say studies show that if addicts take narcotics for legitimate pain, their addiction doesn't activate (at least as quickly).

I *will not* go down THAT road again!! I do not like the "high" that these things give me...really they just make me sleepy and dopey. Ugh.

So what do you all think? I think I'm doing the right thing. I suppose I could have/should have been "stronger" and toughed it out, but at the same time I feel like I deserve to be comfortable. Opinions? Thoughts?
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You sound so positive hearing you talk about how you feel being off the pills, congragulations!!   I have recurring back pain, very hard to live with, its the initial reason i ever started on pain pills. Its true you can use them for pain, but welcoming them back in my life for ANY reason messes with me. and I find myself back again, telling myself i'll just take them for pain, but guess what.....I'm on them again now after having quit 3 times.....it is the pain that gets me going again every time.  If i were you I'd skip them if at all possible. Don't be like me.
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I believe no one should have to suffer in pain.  And if you have the medication or tools to feel relief you shouldn't have to suffer.
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Hey...this is not a contest of will to find out how much pain we can take!  You've done this properly; you have not relapsed.

Feel better and toss the rest of the pills but don't beat yourself up!!
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Actually the brain is not able to decipher between a mood altering experience............for medicial reasons and recreational purposes..............Thats why as addicts it is important for the meds to be given out by someone else (who doesn't get high)
   At the moment you were offered your drug of choice......was the moment to ask for something that wasn't mood altering. Having said that.........I was given Demerol(sp) for a kidney stone. My husband at my side ( he has 23 years clean)....praised God. I was in sooooo much pain, I was crotched over in a corner crying like a baby.I had left my grandson during Brain Surgery...............to go to the emergancy room at Duke Hospital.
   With that said....................the meds I went home with were not mood or mind altering. I have 25 years clean and I know my addiction is patient and waiting to rear it's ugly head......
   No where does it say that just because we are addicts that we are suppose to suffer pain more so than someone who doesn't use............My suggestions, Is to be mindful of your thoughts the next few days and if you say you are gonna flush...... and then don't. BIG RED FLAG...............Be careful, and I hope you are feeling better......Huggggs
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Thank you for the kind words everyone. I only have two 5 mg pills left. The rest are GONE (as in, somewhere I can't get to them). I only used half the Rx. (Yes I took more than the recommended 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours. Not to get high, but because my tolerance is higher than the average person's.)

It's strange, people say that the addiction does not stop even while you are clean and if you pick up again, your tolerance will be as high as if you *never* quit. I did not find that to be true (at least this time, for me personally). It took a significantly lower amount to make the pain go away and a much lower amount to make me "loopy" (which happened on accident). Speaking of loopy and fuzzy-headed, I don't even LIKE the feeling it gives me anymore. Ugh! Who wants to feel like that?! :)

I do have one more concern. Do you think I'll go through WDs all over again? I wouldn't think so, not after almost a month clean and only 50 mg over a 48 hour time period. (Hell, I'd use 100+ mg per day before...)
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