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I think it is time for a gratitude list.  We have seen some changes here, some good and some very painful.  It is time for all of us to come together and do what we do best and that is to help one another.  Everyone here is valued.  Noone is more important than the other.  Each one of us bring something to the table.  Noone should have to feel that they arent needed or wanted here.  This forum saved my life and i want everyone to experience the blessings i have.  Lets all try to remember where we came from.

So today, i am grateful for all of you.  Each one of you help me stay clean and i thank you from the bottom of my heart~

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my health, my clean time, my freedom.  my friends, here on mh and in ellay woopay, la chula, nature and hiking, my body, my job, my apartment, my car.  my 12 step laydeez, my students, my students, and my students.  muriel.  working out, free weights.  my hair.  my arms.  my sight.  my hearing.  coffee.  my friends on mh.  food.  cookies.  sex.  cute guys.  guys.  books.  music.  my recordings, my voice.  laughing.  jokes.  rappers.  cool clothes.  doc martens.  my students.  martha plimpton, fetty wap, mh, my mh friends, my students.  all of my past and present sponsors.  literature, writing, journals, and medhelp. my life,  my medhelp friends and my friends (my family), tambams dog, my students, and domino.
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Awesome list meeg!!!
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I'll BE DARN!!
I was just talking to a member from here on the phone about this. I told her that I wish I KNEW how to put WORDS in better. WE both thought about YOU posting about all the Good & Bad that has been going on. I turn the computer on and here YOU are..VERY NICE!!!

The last 3yrs have been the most Interesting to Heart Breaking yrs I have ever had! I went from being so spiritually high at first, to where I thought I just had it all beat for good!  Then after my family losses, all in such a short time, one right after another, (still have those crying days and miss my Boy Whiteface). However, I felt that my circle was broken. I got so down and out, but kept close to this SITE (MH). Most of you helped me out all through this and I am SO GRATEFUL for all of YOU. I did not care if I lived or died BUT refused to go out and get all messed up as I would of did in the past. My 2 heart procedures right after all of that made me Realize that my GOD saved me for a reason. I know I have a purpose to STAY CLEAN & SOBER!! It takes all I got to do so. I know I would not be here if I went on using all those drugs together or any street drugs. I am GRATEFUL to be ALIVE!!!!!! Grateful to feel a bit balanced out Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

CHANGES had to happen and they did. I am SO Grateful for that and for my home/property and vehicles and so forth that I own straight out.

The BIGGEST Gratitude I have is to my Wonderful, Caring Husband! He Supported me all the way and still does to this Day!  30yr Anniversary this month! I am Grateful to still have my girl Summerain and to have been able to take her other brother Moose after my Mom passed. Grateful to live out in the woods, so I can see all kinds of Wild Animals come & go. AND the Beautiful Wildflowers and Wild Berries. Ha!  I can see clearly now.....

VERY GRATEFUL for ALL the Wonderful, Intelligent, Caring & Sharing, Loving Friends I have met on here!!
I guess I am just a "Happy Camper" most of the Time.
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This just really ate at me last night Vic.  I dont want anyone to feel they arent valued here.  I ranted(thank you!) and then i calmed down enough to think things thru.  I am just one person and cant perform miracles but i will give it my best.  It is up to all of us to make it work and you know the saying, nothing changes if nothing changes so heres to change!
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I am grateful for my family...my husband and kids keep me grounded and remind me every day how blessed I am.  I am grateful for my friends who are my second family...they lift me up when I am down, they make me laugh when I want to cry, they call me out when I am being stubborn, self-centered or in my "bs". I am grateful for nature...the ability to find beauty in the simplest of blooms or creatures.  For homegrown food.  For jobs.  For God who provides me with my needs. I am grateful for MH and the support and true friendships (part of that second family) that I have unexpectedly been blessed with on this crazy journey.  For the MH friends that have come and gone who taught me valuable lessons and shared their life and time with me and others.

It is so important to recognize that each member of this community is important.  Each journey, path, road is just as valued as the next.  If we all shared the exact same aftercare plan, the exact same recovery, then this community would suffer as we are all different and respond to different aftercare and different approaches.  We should never discredit another's path, make others to feel less, insinuate failure unless our personal approach is followed.  It is about supporting, uplifting, and sharing in the hopes that we may touch somebody else.

Thank you Sarah for this thread.  I am grateful for you, MP, Vic and all of the others who have supported me and who continue to do the same for others.

I am blessed with this amazing and sometimes crazy life!
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Nicely said~
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Yes, I know and I am glad you posted this. WE all have our Opinions, but maybe we all should think a bit before we go in and hurt someones feelings. There is a line between Depending on a Medication and Abusing one!!!

If we use to live and live to use just for the HECK of it...Maybe then it is time to step back and take a look at yourself. I made the Choice to take that drug/drink at 14..(even if it was off & on) to bad it took over 40yrs for me to finally Step Back and Look in that Mirror.

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Right to the point..SO lets bring back the Love & Support we once had here and continue to have some fun on the way!!!
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I am so happy to see this post. I have been on here daily for over a year. I read all just don't post often. I'm so thankful someone is trying bring the love support compassion back.  Thank you!!
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Thank you Sara for this post!  I'm grateful for my son, my beautiful twin grandbaby girls....my family, my job(s), my condo I live in (even tho I have the MOST noisy neighbors...lol  being able to afford my car and all that I have to pay for alone.  Grateful for this site, without it I might have given up in those first few weeks probably...idk. So grateful to wake up and face another day, without worrying about how many pills I have left and when I can get more.  My health, over 10 years in remission from breast CA.  

Everyone has their own path to recovery.  It's nice to see that people on here still care and want to help.  Makes me smile to think someone out there is looking out for us.  :))  
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I am grateful for MedHelp. I initially joined MedHelp for the Hepatitis C forum and found the addiction forum by accident. I already had a couple years clean at the time but I was a VERY angry and resentful person. I was on HCV treatment and isolated at home. The interaction I got on MH was all I had at the time. I used to pick fights and argue with people because I hated myself and the fact that I had Hep C. Its hard to explain what I was going through back then but I didnt know how to have healthy relationships with good communication skills. Many of the old timers put me in my place along with the moderators which caused me to take inventory and examine my character defects. I was an angry person back then....out of prison for 2 years with no friends, Its hard to think that an online forum taught me good communication skills but it did. By reading the kind, caring and compassionate words of support given by people like IBK, Sarah, Nursegirl, Connie, Debbie, Toothy, Annie, Vic, Vicki, and so many more, I learned there are so many more perspectives in live other than my own. I learned that people do actually care and how to convey that. I learned so many things form MedHelp and the wonderful people on it and I am grateful for that. I may not get on here much anymore but I always refer people to the forum. I even had my boss link this forum to our resources page on our website where I work. I am truly grateful for all of you.

I am grateful for my daughter. I have a 13 month old daughter named Evalyn. I was in prison the majority of my sons lives and now I have a daughter. She is a blessing. Im grateful she is healthy. I am grateful for her smile. Im grateful for her red hair. Im grateful that I get paid to work with fellow addicts. It helps keep me clean. Ive been off work because of knee surgery and they all sent me a signed get well card that meant the world to me. I feel like Im living such a blessed life now that Im sober. From being a kid strung out on heroin and living in parks to a man that has almost 6 years clean who pays a mortgage and takes care of his kids. Im truly grateful.

I read a quote that says, :"The only disability is a bad attitude". When I think about that I think of Joni Erickson Tada who is paraplegic with breast cancer. She paints using her mouth. When I start to feel sorry for myself about the pain Im experiencing, I often think about Joni and how she would probably love to be able to feel pain if that meant she could use her limbs and function. Im so grateful.

Im grateful for all the things I GET to do now that Im sober. I GET to pay bills, I GET to go to work, I GET to see me kids. Im so grateful.
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