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Gratitude List~

Our very own Meegy mentioned we needed some action on here so what better way than to make a list of all we are grateful for.  Our lives get hectic and we sometimes forget to take the time to sit back and realize all the blessings we have right in front of us.

I am grateful for my recovery first and foremost.  I have my family, both home and here.  I am so blessed with 3  loves of my life.  My grandbabies are my everything as they have been a gift given to me to love and cherish.  I love their innocence and all the beauty i am able to see thru their eyes.  For those that know the struggles my grandson has had i am still letting my actions speak louder than words.  This handsome incredible 6'5 young man will walk me down the aisle in 40 days with the 1 yr old and 5 yr old at my side also.  It simply just doesnt get any better than this!

I am also grateful for a very special friend who is now on the Ready List to receive a new kidney~
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omg Sarah I am so stoked! its 11:18 pm here,  i was just lying in bed feeling sad and lonely, and i checked medhelp one more time, and here this was!  with my name!  ty for this post.  I know you will have a wonderful day and I can imagine how happy you must be to have those g babies!  they will be adorable.

I am grateful for my life.  I am grateful for medhelp, whatever shape its in, it has still been my #1 support and solace.  Grateful for writing, reading, internet, music, books, art, hiking, and working out.  for burpees, push-ups, abs, and free weights.  for nature.  for a roof over my head and a car even if my sponsor called it a hoop-dee loll.

I am grateful for everyone on medhelp, including Emily, I am grateful for community leaders as leaders and friends and incredible human beings, i am grateful for P.Glory the super puppy, for meetings, recovery, Mel, therapy, my old therapist, my new therapist, for my friends on medhelp (and everybody), for all of my mh exes (LOLL!), for my irl friends, for kcrw, for rap, hip-hop, Miles, Duke, Jay-Z, Fetty, Petty, Biggie, Pac, for my flowered skirt with my converse, my teddy bears, for flannel, my celly, men, women, sex, love, the United States, Hilary, Chula, libraries, ummm wow i think that's enough for now.  oh yeah for the moon, the stars, evening walks, so cali, flowers, fog, trees ... for my hair, my sight, my hearing (or whats left of it  ... what?), my ambulatoriness ... ok i made that word up.  Word!  ty spirituality.  peas out

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Your list made me smile, thank you!!

We do need to talk about the music tho!!  lol

Now we need some cake so i am sending you a cybercake, enjoy!!
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Dear Sarah, you made me so happy.  To hear your grandsons will walk you down the aisle is so good to hear.
I was thinking about him wondering how he was doing however did not want to intrude.  This is such good news to read first thing in the morning!  Thank you for sharing!
I love Meegy's words, they brightened my early morning,  A little early to think but I am grateful for MH bringing us all together. Thankful for my family and beautiful children.Thankful I can go to the dentist. Not looking forward to it but still thankful.
Much love, Dee
; ) haha Sarah re: music.  Cake ..
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Gratitude List.....I really need to make one....RIGHT NOW too....
1. Grateful to be clean and for my recovery
2. Grateful for my family
3. Grateful that my business is still open and thriving (now that I'm not spending all of my damn $$ on pills and subs)
4. I'm grateful that I have a home with electricity, water, cable, ALL things I think we totally take for granted!!!!
5. Totally grateful my house (and NONE of my properties) flooded here in Louisiana as did many of my friends.
6. I'm grateful I have the ability to attend a yoga class every day ( I live by this now)
7. I'm grateful there's a meeting available for me every day of the week!
8. I'm grateful that I'm not using.....today!
This was a good idea b/c I need to be reminded that things are NOT as bad I as I make them in my head!!!!  I can overthink ANYTHING!!!!
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I get the overthinking!!  It creates so much chaos in my head as i cant put anything in proper order or even decide if it is mine to think about.

We are seeing pictures of the flooding and it is so devastating.  I cant even begin to fathom the reality of it all.  I am grateful you are safe~
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Please dont ever think you would intrude by asking me anything. There have been some struggles recently but i am happy to report he is back on track.  This one has been hard for me and at the same time it makes my journey even more important.  If only love, hugs and kisses could make it all better~
I am grateful I didn't die out there. I am grateful for God, recovery, steps, Love, Gods grace and mercy, growth, hope, courage, strength, the 4 months and 26 days I have sober so far, my friends, my church and my family!
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Gratitude has always been my favorite topic by far in any type of a recovery setting!  I'm grateful for my recovery because without it I would have nothing.  I'm grateful for God and everything he has helped me through.  I'm grateful for my church family.  I'm grateful for my husband (of 9 days!!!)  I'm grateful for all of our children, our home, cars to drive.  Im  grateful for my job and financial stability.  I'm grateful for my peace of mind.  I'm grateful for extended family.  I'm grateful for this forum for helping me through my methadone withdrawal after 8.5 years on it and off of heroin.    I'm grateful for my support system.  I'm grateful for the amazing time we had on our honeymoon to the Bahamas and for the beautiful weather we had on our cruise.  I'm grateful for so much...the beauty in the world, the flowers I can stop and smell, I'm even grateful for the rain. Lol.  And I think it's worth saying I'm also grateful for my addiction because the same as my recovery...I wouldn't be who I am today without having been who I was yesterday.
This is Awesome!  Thank you Sarah and Meegy!

It is always good to read about others gratitude and think about my own!  It is on the top 5 things that keep me clean and sober!!

So, I am grateful for my recovery, my relationship with HP, my handful of people who keep me on track and every other addict/alcoholic who I come in contact with!
I am grateful for leaving my job in October and starting my own business...and even though I am pretty broke now I am so at peace!!
I am grateful for my animals and all animals and Music for sure!  Both get me through some rough patches!!
I could go on and on but last but not least I am grateful for MedHelp!  This is where I first came when I was thinking about giving up the drugs and where I stayed for support and encouragement those first few months when I thought I wouldn't make it through!!
I am thankful for all of you, for sharing your struggles and your joys and your Gratitude!!!

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Gratitude List...hmm, what am I grateful for??? I am grateful that I decided NOT to fill my prescription for Norco 47 days ago. I am grateful for my 56 days that I have pill free and that I no longer have to worry about running out, counting and trying to figure out how long I can make them last (but never making them last that long). I am grateful for my 1 year old baby that gives me the strength to continue to be clean, and shows me what it is like to live again. I am grateful that I decided to go to my first recovery group meeting this past Saturday! I am grateful that I have kept my job through all this, and that I have a home to live in and food to fill my belly, and most of all, right this second, I am glad I can still see the computer screen and type this through my tears!
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Dear Sarah, thank you! I remember when you first posted about the day, you know.  Tears were streaming down my face. I sent up prayers for him, you, your daughter.  I am so very happy to hear he is walking you down the aisle, that is a blessing.
Take care my friend
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I am very grateful for you coming into my life~
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Thank you dear Sarah, you just made my entire week!!!!
I can't wait to see your dress! You in it! giggle
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Hello Everyone!
I have been missing for awhile, due to a new mission I have been on.

So Grateful that God gave me a second chance to live here on earth a bit longer. By giving my Life back to my Lord, I now am able to understand and get through my Hard/Heartache times that I had.
I am so grateful to have a wonderful Husband and still have my moms dog moose and 2 cats. Own all our Beautiful property too. I am so Grateful to have met some Beautiful Friends on this site, who have walked me through all of this since 2012. Grateful for SO much more, as the list can go on & on, but mostly to be alive and doing the Lords work today.

Bless ALL of YOU!!
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PS..as I mentioned on the phone, I will always remember your Wedding Anniversary date because it is 4 days away from ours and You are getting married on my Clean date, 4 yrs later.  Wish WE can ALL meet there. Hugs!

Wishing You & Hub all the best! Yahooooo!!!!
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