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Hi everyone
I am 13 days clean, I hit a bump in the road and made some bad decisions. It's that part of my brain - that gets better right? I play my music loud to drown it out sometimes - my kids rock out to Foo Fighters, my 3 yr old can play a mean air guitar and my 6 yr old is a mean air drum player lol - they keep me going and very busy. I started my first meeting on Sunday - that was hard but I felt relief. I know I need aftercare - I know I need grief counseling too. I can go thru my work or my church but I want someone who knows what there doing because to tell the truth I have 7 years of he** to come to terms with (I used to numb EVERYTHING). Something's still overwhelm me but I know now what it feels like so I take a walk or go someplace quiet or simply focus on breathing - it gets me past that moment.

Any ideas welcome about the grief therapist and where I might look for a good one. Thank you

I am so glad I found this site
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Morning!  Hurray for your 13 days!!!  Thats awesome!  I am pretty sure you and I have talked about grief counseling before!  You can google it and find someone in your area that specializes in it!  Its really important the you find a specialist as many counselors arent trained in grief counseling and dont really know how to deal with it!  Many people are uncomfortable with grief and can open a wound and not know how to help you to close it!  So happy to hear that you went to a meeting!!!  Keep going cause they WILL help!!!  Keep trying to build up a support system cause we all need that!!!!  And sounds like your kids are lots of fun and they can also help you to keep moving forward!!  Keep posting and let us know how you are doing!!!  XOXO  Karen
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Good day,
   Congratulation on the clean time. It would be a good idea if you get a sponsor for yourself. They are people who have time in whatever addiction you have. Ask questions, share. There is a lot of information to get at those meetings. If you don't like one meeting I'm sure there is another around you can go to. I am an alcoholic and an addict, I have 3 years clean. I have changed in many ways thanks to AA. I also have Major Depression issues. My most supportive person is God. I ask for his help with these type of questions. I am not a Bible Thumper. But I have seen were God has helped me in ways I couldn't understand. I also use the internet a lot. I look for things that interest me, make me laugh or even people to talk to.
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