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Griefing and Keeping Sober

Hi All,

Not really  a question , but just need to get it out there that I'm grieving the loss of my dear friend, she is 1 out of the 295 killed on MH17 flight shoot down (if you don't know about just search MH17 for news),

Peace be with you and your adventurous soul GIRL!!

I'm also on day 8 of detox so already have soo many emotions flying around, a little bit hard to keep up, Just reminding myself just for today I WILL NOT USE.
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Oh God, that's horrible. I keep reading about it. So sorry for your loss.

Great job on 8 days, btw
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so very sorry for the loss of your friend.  stay away from the news.  they are being way too descriptive and that is so insensitive to family and friends of the victims.  i am haunted by some things that i have heard today.

don't let this ruin your sobriety.  your dear friend would not want that and in her memory keep up the good work.
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Thank you for your kind words, it can help me be stronger. Just have to go through the emotions and actually feel them instead if hiding and masking them.

Peace be with all those on MH17 may you all rest in peace. I will remember you!!
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I am so sorry for your loss and for the loss of all those people. It is heartbreaking news. Please stay strong and sober. Your friend is looking down on you from heaven and wishing you peace and success in your detox. You can do this stay Strong!!!
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What a horrible day! I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. Was she American? I didn't know they had the manifest yet...I'll go back to the news...

As sickening as it is, try to be strong. We've learned that numbing painful emotions always backfires down the road so let yourself feel. It's a good way to honor her...even though it's unbearable to wrap your head around such devastation.  What a world...

Stay close and let is know how you're doing-
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Hi..I too am SO sorry for this. That was just Horrible News.

When I had between 16-18 months in, I had lost both my parents and a in-law and my baby boy dog all in a 90 day period and then 2 good friends after. I sure did stick very close to this site and journaled..I also had to UP my outside support. I ended up going to some grieving groups..PLEASE be very careful not to let this take you down in MANY ways. YES, always know that she or anyone who you lose right now were & are very Proud of your Sobriety. Do not let yourself down nor your Loved ones.
Just know that in our past we always ran and would hide when something did not go are way or we are deeply hurt..This is where UPing the Support is so important..Keep reaching out and keep talking. MANY Groups and tons of Books out here. I do wish you some comfort and peace during this time.
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Can't add anything except my support and condolences...Get some extra support- hit a meeting, and maybe a grief support meeting also.
I am so sorry for your tragic loss.
Peace and Love
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im so sorry tm, hope you are doing ok with all of this, I cant imagine how hard that must be, and on day 8 too.  jft, man.  stay strong ... we can do this
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Condolences and prayers on the loss of a friend and free spirit. I agree, turn off the news and remember the good things. Hold tight to your sobriety.  Love and prayers, MsD
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I'm so sorry! The while thing is simply tragic. My heart goes out to you. Please stay strong, and keep talking.  Reach out and get the support you need.  I know it's hard, but 8 days is amazing, stay focused.  You will get through this.

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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.  Let yourself feel your emotions.  

Congrats on 8 days!!  Keep moving forward~
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I'm so sorry that this world has lost your friend, and so many others aboard MH17. Our loss is Heavens gain. Please know that your friend is able to sit right beside you while you are grieving her loss, and suffering withdrawal. Know that you can talk to her, and she will hear. Listen and look for small evidence that she is with you, as it is their way to send us peace. I know that had i had this site for support, i would have fared better sooner with my sobriety. It is an invaluable tool. Reach out anytime to anyone whose story and sobriety touches your heart, it is our pleasure and our job to give back that which we have received in the program. God bless you, on day 8.
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so sorry for your loss you are very courageous day 8 stay strong your friend is with you may you have peace thru this tragedy and your sobriety
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Hi All, I can't thanks you all for you support it's truly overwhelming,

I have kept strong and also am with me parents and hand parents for this weekend so it's great to be with them and be distracted from everything.

Another crazy turn of events if that is a client of mine that also passed away on the flight coming to Perth Australia. It spun me out when I saw her photo in the paper and I googled her name.... I can't think about this at all as I was involved with her relocation to Perth air freight flights, those were the dates she wanted to departure to arrive in Perth. It's another sad loss and confusing for me as I keep distracting myself from think about the what ifs !!

I believe in fate and there is a plan and an end date for anyone, there is just a millions of different ways to get to the same end time...
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