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Guitar Hero and Lortabs!

Does anyone realize how frustrating it is to play guitar hero without drugs in your system?  My son and I play each night after his homework is done and I really SUCK at it now.  I realize this is way off base for this forum but I am now stuck on Aerosmiths song "Same old song and dance" and cant even get 50% of the song finished.  When I was stoned I could cruise right through those songs just like Keith Richards.  

With the seriousness of what we are dealing with I think we sometimes we need a little humor.  
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i have also noticed that too..i dont play guitar hero but the games i do play now just seem to irritate me lol......they r not as much fun as they used to be it seems.....when ithink about it though nothing seems interesting anymore..shopping,sex,games,sexgames lol.....maybe one day we will be better u think?
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LOL. I can totally relate! The only good that is better off the pills is sex!
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but just6 th ink...you wll be the hereo when you are drug free....
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I love the stuff you come up with!! it makes me smile when i really aint feeling like it. yes , i can think of alot of things i suk at when im sober. thanx for the laugh...
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