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Guys I jumped early.

I am 30 minutes short of 24 hours. I can't believe it. Husband is hovering (nicely) so I can't be online too much. He thinks I have the flu.  Please pray for me guys, need it.
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OK..Keep your Chin up!
Still, I think you should be honest with him. This will bring a BIG weight off your shoulders. I bet he already knows and is just waiting for you to tell him the truth. They are NOT stupid!

Prayers going out..Be Safe..Be Good!
Merry Christmas!!!
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I keep waiting for the worst of it to hit. I've been sweating, hot and cold with chills. 2 episodes of the bathroom problem but I took Imodium and so far it's worked. Do I continue taking it or wait for the tummy to go crazy again? I've soaked in the tub with lavender Epsom salts too
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Hey congrats for breaking the chain.....and 24 hours clean ...
YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!  just take it one day at a time and I have said this a million times ...''but you just got to be ok without being ok for a wile''   this should be your mantra for the next few days....the best thing you can bring to the table is a positive attitude  it makes the difference between being uncomfortable and suffering    suffering is a choice....when the symptoms are bad try a hot soak it really does help  try not to force yourself to sleep fighting it only makes it worst  just find something in the tube and vedge all night where all here for you I will check back later im in phoenix so im up late compared to the rest of the county  let us know what is going on we have a lot of home cures  may God be with you
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wow, that was brave, glad you jumped SG.  i think you should tell your hub, too ... sending good thoughts!
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Morning guys!! 36 hours clean!!! I actually slept ALL NIGHT! I can't believe it. I haven't done that in years. I have had zero cravings so far. I don't know if that's normal this early. Can someone answer that for me?  I feel ok at this moment. Woke up with awful headache which I'm sure is related because I don't get them.  I'm not too anxious yet either. Maybe it's going to take me longer for that to kick in or maybe I'm lucky. My habit was 60mg of Norco daily, luckily never got above that. But I'm so blessed to not be craving. Tomorrow is what I worry about, going back to work.
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Hey Giirl  congrats on 38 hours now your doing great...try not to let fear into the equation and dont worrie about tomorrow  just take it day by day  hour by hour if you have to...as for having to work  it usually is a good thing it gets your mind off how lousy you feel  keeping bizzy always helps  we have had a lot of members work threw withdrawals keep posting for support.............Gnarly..........................
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I'm starting to feel that anxiety. Heart is racing and I feel hot all over but I'm freezing. I haven't taken anything for anxiety, I was trying not to but I may have to. Haven't had another bathroom issue which is surprising. I am also very nauseated.
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My problem exactly have two days left, Monday and Tuesday.  Just coming up on my first 36hr c/t and like you never more  but for over 7yrs starting at30mg and going to 60mg for the last couple of years. Today the anxiety seems worst and longer and the weather is cold this morning so home locked at the moment.  Finding being active the best for getting thru the day. Thank god for this site.
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Cold here too. I'm starting to crave. My chest is burning. My thoughts are straying so bad. I am struggling. If it's worse than this I'm afraid.  I'm so glad someone else is where I am right now to compare notes. Please keep responding.
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Hang in there, try anything to relax. Your right though today was the worst V and some others here say this is probably the worst.  
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So most people say day 2 is the worst?
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No day 3
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Hey  your doing great  as or the worst day it is hard to say  but a general rule is it gets better after 4 days.....there is always some lingering symptoms  like the no sleep thing and the ''energy crash'' but as you get more days behind you it slowly gets better just stick with it  as for the cravings  that is normal for a lot of us  just because you feel like using does not mean you have to  DONT ACT OUT!!!!  if you still have pills left get ride of them the temptation is far to great to deal with if your detoxing  this is a must so flush them  anyway keep posting for support where all here for you.........Gnarly
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you still with us????please post a update........Gnarly
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70 hours clean. Work was HARD. I shivered entire shift and almost passed out a few times. Anxiety is medium and craving is still in my stupid drug brain
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Right there with you girl, cravings for me not bad but headaches and aches and pain all over. I guess everyone is different.  Stay strong. Jim
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hey  congrats on 76 hours now  your doing great take a nice hot soak b/4 bed  you may not be able to sleep  most people cant  just roll up in a blanket on the couch and turn on some music softly  and just deep rest so far so go no restless legs  that drove me over the edge seveal times see how it goes your doing this and what a great Christmas gift you will be giving your family  you clean!!!!  keep posting for support
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No restless legs:) read up on it a lot before jumping. Stocked up on vitamins and minerals and started few days before I jumped. Also been taking a neurontin 150. Eating lots of banana and soaking in Epsom lavender bath twice a day
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Congrats you are doing awesome. Keep up the good work.
Make sure you are staying hydrated. That could cause the headaches and
Also make sure you are staying nourished. How is your appetite?
Try to eat something small every couple hours.
Merry Christmas.
Keep on keepin on.
Keep the faith.
God bless.
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Appetite is non existent
Have lost about 5lbs.  I have episodes of 30 minutes of feeling fine then crash, want to cry, want to lay down. But I can't, I'm at work today. So hard to work through this.
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hang in there...see i am sure you never want to go thru this again.  its horrible but you are doing great.  dont let the neg thoughts take over.  soon you will start feeling so much better.  you are coming off a low dose.  i was taking 10-12 10 mg oxy for 16 months a tomorrow will make 70 days clean.  cut off all sources...dealers dr friends..all of them.  
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Oxy- is that my W/D seem a little less than what others describe? My long term dose was lower? Don't get me wrong it's been HARD and I have moments (several today) I wanted to give in to just one. But my physical symptoms weren't as bad as I thought in my mind before
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Yes that is true.  i came off a large amount and my withdrawals were rough but i learned to live with them knowing they will go away eventually.  for me the stomach issues were the worst.  RLS was bad too , but long hot baths took care of that at night.  You def need family support during this time.  make sure your significant other knows whats going on.  Best of luck to you and hang in there things will get better.  stay close to this forum ppl here know what they are talking about and will help you A LOT.
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I almost messed up today.  Just about of almost sheer habit I opened my bag and there was an old odd bottle in there and I opened it up and of course there was a pill. I had it in my mouth instantly. Then thought what the hell and I literally spit it out and starting spitting anything that may have melted. I have a long way to go to get rid of my drug brain, lord help me
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