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I have been in a methadone clinic for treatment of heroin addiction the last five years. Just moved to an area where I have to drive three hours every morning for my daily dose since the new clinic does not honor the phase I was at in other clinic out of state and where I was getting take home medication for a month at a time. This program has been working for me, I have been clean all five years, with no dirty urine test and holding steady at 110 mg of methadone for four years, but I cannot continue the driving. I need a private doctor to write a monthly methadone prescription for me, so I can continue to stay clean from drug use. Can someone please help me. My life is history if I ever loose my cleanliness and sobriety. Is there a Doctor in the 34609 zip code area that I can see for this??
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Please try your post in the "Related Expert Forums" under Addiction.  Just scroll down and on the right you will see that.  I don't know if any one here can help you with your post. I hope they can over there in that forum.
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It is not legal for a GP Physician to prescribe methadone to maintain an addict. Methadone may be prescribed for pain by a standard Doctor - - but not to maintain an addict. You may have to search pretty hard.
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well first of all i have no idea where that is and i have been at my MA methadone clinic for a year at 100mgs and i can't even get take homes because they dont allow them to anyone on probation and the only reason im on probation is because i got caught with heroin before i got clean and on the clinic. So consider that clinic you used to go to extremely rare, even if i wasn't on probation they only do 6 day take homes tops.  What you should of done was moved to an area that was closer to your clinic if its thats hard to drive 3 hours for you. My sobriety means everything to me too and i have to drive 40 minutes every morning until my probo is up in 4 months, even tho all my urines have been clean too. You really need to think about whats more important to you , living in a new place where you have to struggle to get your dose or living near a clinic so you can live your life.  Whatever clinic you went to that gave you a month of takehomes at a time is nuts, i've never heard of it, and no doctor will prescribe you methadone pills unless its pain related like the other person said.

Try looking more in your area, theres got to be another clinic around that closer than 3 hours away, jeez it's 2010 these clinics are everywhere these days. I know i wasn't much help but like you my sobriety is everything to me too and if i want to stay sober i do what i have to to stay on good terms with my clinic, my counselors and go the distance.

Feel free to contact my profile for any other questions that you think i may be helpful with as a peer in the same circle.
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Hi Raquel,

this post is some year and a half old. these members are not active. If you have any questions or concerns about addiction please start your post so we can get to know you. Good luck.
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