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my husband is on his 3rd day of ct w/d's, and he says its worst than the other 2 days so far! He's had diarrhea, (taking immodium,not helping) he's throwing up, he's got the rls, up & down all night, and I imagine all day. (i work, so i'm not here)!! He's been taking the multi-vitamin everyday, and some Xanax to help to sleep. We bought the stuff for the Thomas Recipe, and we're doing what it says, but you dont take the L-Tyrosine + B6 until after tomorrow right? He won't get in the hot baths either. He is sooo terribly miserable! I dont know what to do to help him. Are there any other suggestions? If anybody remembers, he was taking about 7 80mgs oxys, roxi's, and ms contin, (not at the same time)when he started going ct he was taking ms contin 100mgs, and very little of those. I know he will get better, and I'm not worried about him "staying" clean at all, I'm worried about his health, when should I consider taking him to the ER?  Any helpful advice would be so welcome!  I found this forum, and I read it every single day! Sometimes, I am up way late, just so I can read every post!! Thanks to all!!!
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Well, baths will help out alot. Xanax will make the rls worse it did for me. There are some things out there in the vitamin isle called "Calm" it helps calm you down. I just come off of a 4 year methadone addiction ct and at day 17 the worst part is over but i still don't have any get up and go. give him another 10 days maybe the worst part will be over. take a look at my journals and you will see my journey through this awful sh**. methadone is harder to come off of than oxy's....believe that. take care and be patient. hot baths help rls. he has to make himself get up i know its hard but you have to make yourself do it.
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Get the 'Calm' with calcium. Calm is magnesium and you need both. Vitamins are not too important until you can keep them down. Push fluids, Gatorade helps with restoring electrolytes. Day 3 is typically the worst. Day 4 is hard too. After or on day 5 many start to feel a bit better. Watch out for dehydration. If he continues to have diarrhea and throws up. He will dehydrate very quickly. Call ER if this continues too long. It isn't real common for this to last but you need to be aware of what to do if it does.
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See if you can get some Clonodine from ER or your family doctor.  It will help alot.  It's a bp med they use to help with withdrawal symptoms.   Like going2makeit said  make sure he does not dehydrate.  Also try some protein drinks and some gatorade.  Banana's also help a little with the RLS.  Tell him to hang in there it will start to get better soon.  
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Thanks for the fast response, you guys are so knowledgable, and it really helps when I don't know how to help him!  I am waiting for the rain to subside, and I am going to walgreens or cvs to get the Calm you spoke about.  He won't take anything else, but the vitamins, and gatoraide, or water. I am trying to get him to get up and walk a little, but he only makes it to the bathroom, and he's barely made it there b4, well you know what I mean......!!  Is there any other vitamins I can get that might help? I will also try and get him in a hot bath.  He is of course hot/cold, I see goosebumps all over his body.  Why won't the immodium help? I also have been giving him the aleve, is that ok? I feel for him so bad, I have the lights off, and nobody is bothering him (we have kids), right now he's just miserably sick with the "flu"!!!  Thanks and please keep posting, I will as well and let you know of his progress. I was really hoping that by day 3 he just might start feeling a little better, I knew it was probably wishful thinking, I'm not going to tell him that by day 5 or 10 he should not feel as bad, I think it would mess with his mind! He is all about the will power!! Thanks again guys I appreciate all the advice!!!
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I strongly recommend the hot bath..that really does help. Tell him he will be turning the corner "soon".....
Try to push the fluids...and like many have said..he will get dehydrated w/o flidss and that can mess w/ his electrolyes..which affect a LOT of things in your body...
Keep posting....we're here for you!
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What he is going thru is normal. Try to help him thru it. He can increase on the Immodium if needed. It is a type of opiate that doesn't pass the blood to brain barrier and can actually help with withdrawal while it corrects his bathroom issues.
Best of luck to you both
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hes seriously got to get in a HOT bath..  That was the ONLY thing that helped the RLS for me.  I stayed in the tub hours at a time.

Good Luck
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Thanks again, I just made him a very hot bath, AND YOU ALL WERE SOOOO RIGHT!! IF I COULD JUST GET HIM IN! I DID, and HE IS SOOOOOOOO THANKFUL!! ITS THE BEST HE'S FELT ALL DAY! Today is his worst day yet he said, but I told him that he was going to be on the "right" side of the hill soon! And that just to hang in there, I am sooo proud of him, he's a courageous man! Thanks to all you!!!
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Hang in there 11 days after today from the same meds morphine oxycontin and hydrocodone. I stopped throwing up around day four I think in the evening. I drank plenty of fluids went a few days well a lil more wo eating much no appetite at all just getting it back slowly. I was nauseated after that a day or so but felt better. RLS is slowing down alot slep a couple hors last night had been a few days without any at all save 10 minutes here and there not restful thats for sure. Felt like I was going mad. Hang in there it can be done he lucky to have you there with him. Still up and down halls most of night, but I can concetrate a bity more and occupy myself instead of obsessing over what would have made me well at the time. I think of getting through it more instead of what would make me okay. Hang in there.
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Also I took alot of the pill form loperamide ( Immodium ) I hate to say how many I took but did not have diahrea ouch that makes it burn and I detest having it. He'll see the light a lil more tomorrow.
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If you see it at walmart...EmergenC..a powdered vitamin was great for me...you mix it with water and it made me drink my fluids I needed ...i never threw up but the diarrhea was horrible....fluids are way more important than eating right now...remember that and if you see he is becoming confused or a change in mental status...take him to the er...if he is keeping down his fluids that is good....walmart also sells an anti-nausea med that works well...it is their brand   cheap but works   may help him hold the fluids down ...worst will probably subside soon   hang in there   keep posting
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the baths rock......tell him hang in there...it's guna pass.....****
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So, i just got back from Walgreens, for an hour, I'm looking through ALL of the vitamins, i seriousely looked at EVERY single bottle, looking for L-Tyrosine, that "Calm" with calcium, didn't write on my list calcium though, just the "calm", and couldn't find either! So many vitamins, I thought I heard somebody somewhere say milk thistle, then i thought I saw somebody post, fish oil, ugh! I am at a loss! I heard from the Thomas Recipe that the L-Tyro combined w/B6 really will help tremendously, and I REALLY wanted to get that, but this is the 2nd place, l/f it, and with no luck/what else can i get for him? all those vitamins something has to help, anything to help him feel a little better. I also got those hot patches, heat pads or whatever they are, for the muscle pains. more gatoraide, he really has almost gone through a HUGE bottle, but he said his bum hurts soooo bad and it's (i'm sorry, i know this is so not pretty) like water! And hurts very badly. Gave him more immodium. Also, I bought excedrin migrain??? IDK, i bought the aleve, but maybe this will help a little better. Anyway, you guys are frigging awesome, and the support, AMAZING!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR CARING ABOUT US, people you don't even know, I as my husband is, are both very thankful for you all!!
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If you are still here, he will be fine. You usually wont have to go to the ER. W/D although feels lifethreatening, it isnt. He was taking a pretty high dose of Oxy;s. I used to take 15-20 80mg oxys a day, my dr. told me I should have been dead. And I managed to get through CT. He will be ok. He is half way through the worse, so just tell him to hold on. And hopefully, this pain will show him he never wants to do this to himself again. Tell him to get his butt in the baths. They will work and he will thank you when he is done. Try to make it nice for him, get him a magazine, lite some candles and tell him to just sit in there an relax. It will help with the RLS, I actually slept in the tub one night. Make sure he stays hydrated. He can get through it. Good luck.
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He can do it its the getting thru it that is so tough. I was very sick and each day was different. I drank flat gingerale just so I would have the dry heaves I couldnt eat a thing it came right back up. IF he can eat try jello that worked for me I didnt have to chew it or notice it going down and first thing in morning I ate that try eating jello with the shakes a little giggle for y'all!!! He can do it-----I was alone alot too thru mine my husband works nights too and the mornings and nights were the worst. I still have insomnia and feel that may last awhile its how to sleep the pills helped me do that!!!! I watch alot of tv or go on here or read and still no sleep but its better than where I was. ENCOURAGE him my husband couldnt or wouldnt do that and I longed for it so much. Others did my counseler and the nurses I saw and my oldest daughter on the phone would tell me but I needed to hear it from him he was the one who knew I was vomiting or shaking etc but I needed to hear it...... You posting on here is wonderful to do that for him!!!!!!
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You definately got that right, liscamdave about the feeling life threatening! Man, I heard him say, OMG THIS IS HORRIBLE, I HAVE NEVER FELT SOOO ROTTEN IN MY LIFE! He says, no matter how much pain he has in his back, he would deal with that a million times over, than deal with what he's going through now! The thought of even LOOKING at another pill, makes him realize, NEVER again! He said even as bad, as terrible as all these w/d's are, if he even had a pill, he wouldnt take it, he will not back track, and go through this again! He shakes, he's teared up a bit, he's said my name, and then through tears, just says, omg this is the worst feeling i have ever had in my life, then he gets up & down, not knowing what to do. I just keep saying, what can i do? what can i get you? please tell me what i can do to help. he just thanks me over & over again, and says he's PROUD of me, for taking on all the responsibilities of the household, kids, etc... Can you believe that? I am so proud of HIM, for sticking it out, and not caving. He asks me questions about what your stories are, how long will this last, please tell me I might feel a little better tomorrow? and i tell him the stories, and tell him he's on his way, and all the positive things i see on here. He just wants me to continue to tell him, everything is going to be allright, which i do always! I will look for that EmergenC, and everything else people have said, i will do whatever, buy whatever i have to, to try and make it a little easier, i know it's not, he said earlier, if the house was burning down, he wouldnt even care, he would just lay there! I know that's the misery and pain talking! I'm sure i would feel the same too! I put bananas by the bed, crackers, gatoraide, all the vitamins, asprin, immodium, all of it right by him, so he can have access to it, not go far for it, since i'm not home during the day, then i take care of him at night.  he had started a journal the first day, and i have to tell you, the writing has withered to about 1 line, and thats ITS A TERRIBLE DAY! He was writing the times, he took things, how he was feeling, what time he slept, got up, ate or drank anything, etc... today- it was just barely a sentence, so i asked him and wrote it down for him. Sorry for being so long winded! Guess i realize I NEED people to talk to that are going through this and know what Im saying, and can sympathize! Sorry guys, didnt mean to write a book. As ALWAYS, thanks for listening, and for the GREAT ADVICE!! KEEP POSTING! I will keep looking back here, i believe that's how it goes right? I am new, and not sure how these things work, like threads, and stuff!! so bare with me!
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God Bless You ........<3            Your husband is a lucky man.
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Hot baths WITH Epsom salts helps so much. If he is having trouble eating,try Ensure.
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Ok, we're on day 4, and he's feeling TERRIBLE STILL! I bought the EmergenC thingy, and the Thomas Recipe just isn't helping, yet anyway! He is absolutely miserable guys! It's the end almost of day 4, of course he is NOT SLEEPING AT ALL NOW! He has been up since 11:30 last night, and it's almost 10:30pm the next night! He doesn't remember how much immodium he took today, or excedrin,and he took an entire bar of xanax this morning before i left for work at 7:15!!! STILL NO SLEEP!  Getting ready to put him in the hot bath, and please if anybody has any other advice, PLEASE POST! I NEED IT! any other vitamins, anything!!! Damn- i thought for sure by today he would feel a LITTLE TINY BIT BETTER!  Thnx to everyone for sticking by our sides!!!  MUCH LOVE!
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Day 4 can be real bad too. Day 5 is hopefully the turning point. Xanax and a 1/2 muscle relaxer knocked me out, I am surprised it didn't do it for him. TylenolPM helps some people. Natural Calm with calcium seems to help relax muscles too. Don't worry about vitamins until he gets thru the major w/ds
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Tell him to hang in there..not much longer and he'll be feeling beter
You need to hang in there , too!!!  He is lucky to have you by his side!!!
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I just helped him to take a hot hot hot bath, and he's able to actually talk to me while he is in there, of course I WISH we had a huge tub, unfortunately we don't and so, he's not all that comfortable, but it helps. Anyway, we talked, and he said he has no idea how anybody could go to jail like this! He said, but theres people that it probably happens to right? He's trying to put himself all the time, in other peoples shoes, and how they did it, etc.....and he is like, obviousely it happens to people, and they make it, and they are in jail! SO, I can definately do this! He said again, the thought of even taking another pill, even a little tiny bit, to help him sleep, isnt even AN OPTION! Because he says alls it will do, will back track him, and there is NO WAY that he is going through this just to go backwards!!  Even knowing it could make him feel better, because he is IN COMPLETE MISERY, he will continue to deal with the misery. He said that he hopes he will start to feel a little better soon, just even a little better! He starts a new job in 10 days!! Do you think he will be ok? Its not a hard labor job at all, no outside, sun, heat, nothing like that, but it's sitting and having to be very detailed. what do you all think? Do you think after 14 days he will feel better? please tell me he will feel ALOT better! Is it wishful thinking?  I know I have read the no sleep for a long time, and he can deal with that, but NOT the hot/cold sweats, RLS, and the feeling of just wanting to die! the headaches too, the diarrhea, the immodium is starting to kick in a little I think. Anyway, just thought I would keep you posted about his condition on day 4, going in to day 5, please pray for him! Thanks as always for the GREAT ADVICE, and for being here for us!! (Sorry for always writing such LONG posts!)
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YEs he should feel much better in within 14 days....I'm a girl, so I was on an emotional rollercoaster, but everyone's different.  Maybe gender has nothing to do with it....  Some say 4-5 days, some 5-7 days, I think about 8 days for me....but I wasn't taking near that amount of narcotic....I wish you and him the best of luck!  We're here for you....you know that! :)
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He will make it. Even though he feel so bad. All of a sudden he will start to feel better and that will give him hope. I still bet that tomorrow will see a ray of hope. I sure hope so. it is not fun, what he is going through.
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