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so  yesterday i called my dads house...because i havent heard from him for one and two..i need his address so i can mail baby pics to him.

my step mom answers and says "hi honey the reason i called u  sunday"  and im like what u didnt call me.  well here she had an old old old cell number....so it isnt mine....well here my dad's bene in the hospital for over 2 weeks....in i.c.u.  

he has dimensia really really bad.  like bad.  a couple things he did recently that was cause:

He wwent to the neighbors house and frantically was yelling the someone kidnapped his wife....(well, she was at work. and he knew that but i guess couldnt remember)

He went to the neightbors house and got in their car and was trying to start it...and they came out and were like what are u doing...he accussed them of stealing his car....and he was explaining to them that if they need to borrow his car...jsut let him know...he said he had to have his car back to go buy paint to paint the door (again, not true)

One day my step mom got home from work and my dad was so happoy and telling her that my brother JUST left his house and if she hurries she can go out and catch  up  with him and he said they had a really good heart to heart (agian, NOT true..my brother lives in ohio, isnt close to my dad and has NEVER been to my dad's house in SC.  

Sooo....my step mom calls his dr after all this. the dr was out of town. they say to take him to stat care/urgent care. she takes him there. they talk to my dad and tell her to IMMEDIATELY take him to the E.R.  so she did.  they admitted him and wanted to do an MRI. so she left.

next day she goes to...as she thought...pick him up...well, he was tied down to a bed...long story short.......he is SUCH a severe alcoholic...he started going thru withdrawl so bad....that he was dying...she had to go home and get his living will.....i guess his heart rate was  going from 40 to 150 to 30 to 90  etc.  so....without her permission....when she was gone...the doctors put my dad into a medically induced coma......NO feeding tube (because his living will is do not resesitate....)  so for 2 weeks he was in a coma with no feeding tube...starving to death.....and finally my step mom said she realizes he didnt have a tube and she was like no no...put a tiube in him...so they did. so after 2 wks in the coma...they wanted him to wake up...since the withdrawl was over i guess...and he would not wake up for 3 days...out of the coma.  finally he did.....and now, he has no clue hwere he is...he is in the hospital still but he thinks he is on a cruise ship. my step mom is wanting my mom to write my dad's  obituary...and a eulogy of some sort.  this is a mess.  i NEED to go down there. BAD. because i am SO afraid he will die and i will have not seen him that one last time (i have not seen him in like 2-3 years...)  he's never met my baby. i dont know.  but, i have no idea how i can drive 11 hours down there with M.  seriously.  he gets fussy and wants outta his car seat after an hour and a half of being in it.  i know other people have done this. i dont know how though.  i could just go and leave M home with J. but, i dont wanna drive that far, alone, being a girl. plus my car has alot of miles.....and, i dont wanna leave M for that long....like a couple days. no. plus, it would be over christmas...i think.......and im not leaving him over christmas. i dontknow what to do.

ok, soooooooooo all this is messed up...and i dont know how to handle this...BUT...i have questions regarding this.

So if u dont wanna sit and read the above...that's fine but i need help with some questionns URGENTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ONE:  ALCOHOL WITHDRAWL................i know it is the only wd that can actually kill an addict....seeing as tho he got out of the coma....is it NORMAL to have hallucinations NOW?  If so, for how long?

TWO:  My dad is 74. He's been drinking since he was like 15. I know people say so and so is a drunk or an aocoho;ic.....ok, u have no idea how bad he is.  He literally wakes up and starts drinking and doesnt stop til he passes out at like 2 am.  He drinks hard sh!t too.  Like Vodka....VO Manhattan's...thinks like that.  WHAT is the effect on the BRAIN/BODY now....after all these years of drinking.  What kind of damage has he done to himself? Is that why he is out of it?  Will he get back to normal if he stops drinking?  Obviously NOW he isnt drinking because hes in the hospital (altho, he told my step mom  "there isnt a bar in this place.." )  but when he gets out  i KNOW he wont stop...but assuming he does......will his brain repair itself????? Ok, that was like 8 questions in one. Sorry.

ANYBODY who has ANY info on Alcohol Withdrawl............PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
HELP me understadn this.  My step mom needs to be talking to the dr but  she claims she keeps missing them. whatever.  i need help please help me.
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How long has it been since your dad drank alcohol?
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Your Dad is in grave danger. I read more of your post and he is having DT's (Delirium Tremens) It can lead to stroke and other life threatening situations. Calll 911 and get him to a hospital now!
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read my whole post. i know its long...but, he's already in the hospital.  he's been there for 2 weeks or so.  the drs PUT him into a medically induced coma......because he was dying from the DT's.

he hasnt drank in like 2 weeks now. however long he's been in the hospital.
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That is exactly what was happening to my boss. He was halucinating and seeing people. It was crazy. He would have died had he not gotten to a hospital and then rehab. He was in the hospital for almost 3 months. ICU for over two months. He was in rehab then quit and has been sober for the past 3 years...

I am so sorry to hear this. Knowledge is power jen..so soak up as much info as you can to try to help as much as you can. there is only so much you can do though...So I will pray for you and your family. If you need anything, just call me...
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I just read the rest of your post. I replied quickly because I picked up on the symptoms he was having.

I agree with liscamdave, knowledge is power. Don't be bashful about asking the doctors and other medical staff questions. Pay attention to what is going on and question anything that doesn't sound or appear right!

I will also be praying for you, your dad and your family.
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As to your questions. Only time will tell what permanent damage has been done to his brain, his liver and heart and other organs. He must stop drinking if he wants to live.

Yes, it is normal to still be having hallucinations after this much time. When I had them they didn't start until I had been sober for over two weeks. I was much younger and got help immediately.

Your dad is in for a long recover period. Surround yourself with people who can help you understand this disease and cope with all that is going on.

It also isn't unusual for him to be wanting to drink. The only control an alcoholic has over drinking is the first drink. After that his body chemistry, which is different than people who are not alcoholic, makes him start craving more alcohol. He is no longer in control of it. The only way to stay sober is total abstinence. Once he begins to recover from the physical and mental effects, he will need a lot of support to stay sober and possibly medications to help him stay sober.
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