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I have been getting demerol , not all under the legal way , worked with a doctor for 10 years now that is all gone, as well as the repect and how I have put by kids threw this , including getting arrested. Trying to find support groups,
I am no having to many symptoms of withdrawel day 3, diarrhea atmost with horrible leg restlessness at night

Where do I start , what meeting can I go to , until I  cna get in a outtreatment program in 3 days, long weekend!!
I an so overwhelmed by the guilt I have caused to all my love ones . any suggestions??? desperate and confused in massachusetts?????
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Just know that addiction respects no one. As you can guess by the name I am a nurse and also an addict. If you are on day 3 you are almost through the worst of it physically.

The mental part is the hardest for some. Look to the bottom right of the page at the Thomas recipe and the amino acid protocol they should help some. You can do this and the hardest thing to ever get back is our own self respect.

Good luck and God bless
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girl congrats!!! on day 3.  you have to let the guilt go. i not saying forget what you are going through but the guilt will make your mind go to the wrong place. you cant change you past no matter how much guilt and shame you give it, just let it go and know today i am clean and i am making a better future. hang in there we all have done bad things when we are addicts, but that is just what it is and we can change today. i have read alot of self-help books to help me see why i liked to numb my brain and has worked so much for me. good luck and you are in my prayers.
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we have all done things for our doc we are not proud of.  some get caught and some dont.  just know that you can beat this.  when you are through all this and look back hopefully you will see what a blessing it is to overcome addiction.  there is always consequences for what we do.  remember this too shall pass and you will have a better life ahead.  good luck.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you.. I know your going through a tough time.  I am just starting my journey to be drug free as well.  There is a book I highly recommend. " Become a Better You" by Joel Osteen.  It is saving my life.  Hang in there and I promise things will get better.
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you've already started! your here! stay here! it's the best place you can be in. the next 3 days will fly by. just know where your heading, and think of where you came. your gonna be ok. not great but ok. alot of us aren't gonna be partying it up this holiday weekend. yep, we'll be sitting here glued to this monitor waiting for one inspirational thought to get us thru it. and we will, get through it that is. cuz we all survive. you'll be ok. just hang in there.28 days ago, i sniffed my last 8) oxy 80's,this weekend i'm remodeling my bathroom. get busy living. Teddy
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I too was addicted to demerol as well as morphine and dilaudid. I lost my job and the respect for myself. All this happened 19 months ago. It was horrible at first but each day got better. Just hold your head up, no one is perfect.
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