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HELP! Tramadol and hopelessness

I'm on day 3 of no trams. I was talking 15 or more per day for over a year. I can stand the flu like symptoms but anything that messes with my mind freaks me out. I'm to the point where my anxiety is saying, "it will never get better" Has anyone gone through this? What helped brighten your moods? I am on lexapro currently, as well as, Ativan. I'm trying not to take the benzo though. The thing I miss the most is having ENERGY! This fricken SUCKS!
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Congrats on 3 days off trams!  It WILL get better so hang tight.  Trams are a hard one to come off so time and patience will be needed here.  Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids.  Keep yourself hydrated.  Your energy level will come back but it does take time.  We abused our bodies for a long time so we need to give it time to heal both inside and out.  Try and get up and move around.  Get some fresh air, eat bananas and take epsom baths for the aches and pains.  All of this will pass.  You are doing great!
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I kicked tarnmies and it is treacherous for at least 2 weeks. After then, it will start to alleviate.
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Well cone for coming so far, I know how hard it is, im on two weeks clean. I am also struggling with the mental side of things, the restless legs and sneezing can all be medicated...but coping with your new brain is hard.

It needs to re-learn how to be happy, how to use and make dopamine correctly again. I'm having some good progress using l tyrosine and some st johns wort which seems to give me a calm and reduces the anxiety.

After two weeks im starting to have little burts of energy and happy now and then. It does get better, but not of a sudden, its up and down. Try and force youself into keeping busy
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