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Hi, I have 161 days today from all opiates ! My mother is convinced I''m on pills again , I'm not sure how to handel this , i told her i would take a drug test right now in front of her and she wanted no part of that , my husband has also been sober the same amount of time . I have been thinking of this all day. I really can't think of anyway to change her mind and a part if me is angry that she is taking my clean time away from me , she told me she felt sorry for my innocent kids , now that pisses me off ! Another reason this bothers me so much is because i know she is telling my whole family and it's not true ! what do i do ? have been digesting this and all i've come up with is ....screw yourself ( our relationship is different) lol but i love her and her approvel means something and i will miss her , she has already lost one daughter to addiction (*missing for 3 yrs to oxy) literally missing ...any suggestions would help , thanks
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Go get a drug test and bring her the results. But the most important thing is that "you " know the truth and being sober makes you a winner regardless what the world thinks. Congratulations...
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