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Does anyone know how long it takes for tramadol to be completely out of your system?
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I am asking becaue on Wednesday I am quitting c/t. I know it will take awhile to get over the cravings, I was just wondering how long it actually stays in your system. Thanks for your input and I did not think your post was negative.
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I juest realized how negative my last post was.  To be sure, depsite the cravins once in a while, I am really feeling good.  I mean GOOD.  It is just so nice to be off that ****.  No sneaking around, no lying, no guilt.  I am clean.  It's a nice feeling.

If you are asking how long the w/d go on, it's pretty much like I said before.  A lot has to do with how much you've been taking and how long.  
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The drug itself?  Depending on body size, amount taken, metabolism and all that, I'd say 3 to 5 days.

How long does it take to get over the cravings?    I wish I knew.

In my case, I have been off the trams a little over a month.  If I remember correctly (something that is often difficult due, likely, to the trams) it was 4 days of withdrawals once I stopped.  I had tapered down to one 25 mg a day, split in two, one half in the AM, one in the PM, when I stopped completely.  I felt like **** while tapering, I REALLY felt like **** when I stopped.

After that it was the normal cravings that came and went.  Had my last craving... this morning.  The one previous was last Friday.  I THINK the craving is for my previous addiction, Vicodin.  BTW, I am competely clean now, controlling the plain with Etodolac (a high-po NSAID, in the same family as Aleve) and normal doses (2 pill 3x/day) of Tylenol.  

But that's my experience.  Yours may be different.

Why do you ask?

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