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Hanging in there....

I'm on day 3 now. Holy moly walking the Las Vegas strip is BRUTAL!!!!!!!! I'm doing it though. Pushing myself. Getting a massage right now with my fiancé. I have taken Tylenol today. I am going to rest after this before going out tonight for NYE. The good news is I'm alive and PUSHING through.
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i am proud of you, and vicariously happy through you. i want to know how that feels. you 'sound' good and that is a happy thing.

ya know why seagulls fly over the sea? Bc if they flew over the bay, they'd be bagels. (it's better verbally, i promise)

TT, you just keep doing it. you know already of the ups and downs -- be prepared, be strong, and kicks addictions @$$. HNE, my e-friend
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Thank you Murphy. I'm doing quite well today besides HORRIBLE shin splints. In getting another massage right now. It's so relaxing. I've had such a little appetite. I pray I turn the corner soon. I'm on day 4 cold turkey. I'll be home Sunday from Vegas. It's been a blast but I'm exhausted from the walking. My fiancé is going to run me a hot bath after this to help relax me. It's technically our last night here Vegas so I want to relax before we go out tonight. I know after today I'll be turning a corner. I'm confident. I have someone to call still. You know who you are. I have not forgotten just been so busy with NO privacy. How are you Murphy?
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OK! You are sounding a bit more Positive and Physically better. Just be in the day. Like we used to say.."Be Here Now". If we stress on the past it will bring more Anxiety and/or Depression. If we think of the Future we can Worry ourselves into a frenzy. YOU are so lucky to get the massage. That will help get the blood flowing and help release some more Toxins. Ohhhh!!! I wish I was having one now as my Muscles/Back aches from this cold weather..hahaha! Also, Walking around, oh! ya! that is a good one for you. It will help bring those "Happy Chems" back up and should be Re-directing your thinking right now. Keep on pushing to the other side...YOU are SO close to turning one more corner. Time & Patience is a must to hang onto!!!  Be Safe, Be Good and keep putting one foot in front of the other at all times..chin up!
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honestly, suffering a bit. trying to sleep as much as possible. my poor dogs, so bored, but they seem to know somethngs up-- they are very quite, mellow. thankful. happy for you! keep going. keep going. catch up to you soon..
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Thank you both. I'm trying so hard. Not doing well with anxiety. It's awful. I cannot barely eat. I've had to force feed myself my entire trip. OMG no appetite.
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get some vgtble broth, warm. it goes down well. and i like tzitziki (SP?) the gyro sause -- plain yogurt with shredded cucumbers, little salt n pepper. soothing in the tummy. keep going, my friend. that light you see at the end of the tunnel aint a train -- it's a beautiful new life.
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Murphy! I feel like we are friends!!! You are so kind! I'm still having a hard time but I'm doing ok. I had a total breakdown today and my fiancé was literally insanely amazing loving on me. Telling me how perfect I am. It was truly a beautiful moment. He is so good to me.
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Gatorade, walk, good vitamins, l-tyrosine, potassium with magnesium for your legs
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Hey Girl how goes it??? did you get threw the Holiday clean??? anyway just checking in on you  please post to let us know how your doing

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Yes I'm ok. I got through part of it clean. Im still having a rough time and am laying in bed still and I think I'm doing a lot better today. Which is great cuz I am leaving Vegas today and have a 16 hour car ride home -.-. I will be happy to slowly get my energy back.
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Thanks for posting....you need to get rid of all the pills you have  it is a critical step  you must also cut all your supply lines for this to work  we dont shoot our wounded and you havent lost the war as long as your willing to fight...YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! but you need to take the suggestions we know how to do this and what it takes to get and stay clean  time to bump up the meetings N/A is also a critical part of my recovery and needs to be in yours also.....keep posting for support where here for you.............Gnarly
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Thanks gnarly. I have no way now. I kept finding them. Unless I find them I can't get them. I have no contacts. I now know I really need to start engaging in meetings. I am doing good today.
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