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Is there such a thing as a  non-addicting "Happy Pill" with a non alcoholic chaser that's legal?
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It's called sex dude, sex.
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or chocolate
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jacqui, i like the way you think...takin one when i get home!!!!
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take two, and repeat as necessary!  ; )
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non addictive happy pill eh,,,,,,,,hmmmmmm,,,,i'm heading to the lab
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Hell, I am listenin to the nurse!!!!!!! LMAO
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Actually, go to the list of Amino's and there is 5HTP (I love it and am so much happier all around) and SamE and others to help.
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ah...haha!! Yeah...love chocolate and sex...but yeah...someone finds me a pill that's not addictive and makes me instantly feel great...geez...I'm there! lmao!
Don't we all just wish eh?

On a serious note though...if depression is the problem...there are many anti-depressents out there that are not habit forming or addictive. Now everyone goes through bouts of depression from time to time...but for others...it's actually caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain and medication to offset that balance will be the only solution. My father has Bi-Polar disorder. This causes him to have extreme highs and lows. He's had to take medication all his life to keep him feeling "normal". However, if you are trying to quit drugs...it's very common that you experience a period of depression and time is the best cure. Unfortunately, it's the most common symptom of withdrawal. We've numbed ourselves for so long...that once we do start to feel again...we're all of a sudden facing all the issues we tucked away while using. It can be very overwhelming. The best thing for that type of depression...is getting support from others and talking about how you feel (this is the best place to do that...no one is gonna judge you here).

Keep up the posts...please give us some more information about what you've been taking and if you are already trying to quit or considering it. And please don't get discouraged if someone doesn't get to respond right away. We're all here to help each other out...so as soon as there's someone who can relate to your question...they'll answer. Also...we're not all in the same time zones.

Hope this helps answer your question. :)
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