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Does anybody have those days where you just wake up and you feel on an even plane? .If so how do you stay there.By the end of the day I have turned what started out to be a beautiful thing and turned it around !
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Attitude makes the day keep it positive and it will be a positive day all day.
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I have felt, what I have termed "alive" today for the first time in a long time.  I chose today to milk it for all it's worth and did a lot of things that I'd been putting off or just not done.  It helped keep me in a good, positive mood all day - it is now just after 4:30 p.m. here and I think tonight will end up well.  Again, first time in a LONG time!

Have a super day!
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most days i wake up now feeling great, unlike when i was using. it's easier waking up when you don't hate yourself. why do your days seem to turn around by the end of the day.
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I often wake up feeling good and then within maybe 2 minutes I start thinking about stuff and my thinking turns scared and fearful, my breathing often becomes irregular and  then its downhill from there until I get my med fix (Tramadol + Klonopin + caffeine). After that I'd transition into my self-medicate mode for the day which includes food, caffeine etc etc.

This still occurs after 20 years of therapy. Hard to believe in a higher power when knowing I was being mentally + physically scarred even before I even took my first breath of air when being pushed into this world.

Yea, I'm feeling sorry for myself (again) and life has gotten better in many ways although as I'm aging I've been feeling sick & tired of this battle of trying to feel some equanimity when not doing the self-medicating routine as strongly as before. As my brother used to say before he overdosed, "perhaps some people just aren't meant to be happy". Gawd I sound depressing, but J34 don't let me bring you down, just keep up the battle and it will get better.

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I keep sayng this but I love the way I feel in the mornings. Its so different from what it used to be while I was taking pills. I too try to keep that feeling going all day. It has taken me several weeks to figure out my attitude was dragging me down along with certain people that zapped my energy and mood. Not that I blame others for my addiction. I can't always keep that positive feeling all day either but its getting better.
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Tramadol caused me some major depression. I don't consider myself the tramadol expert but if there is anything I can help you with please let me know.
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That is a very good question....What works for me , is i start thinking about the ones less fortunte then me....I have one friend that her 7 yr old has cancer, and probably won't make one more month...I also have a relative that has 2 chldren that are C/P, and she has to carry them both , they cannot walk...She always has a smile on her face..
now i am not saying this works everytime, but it sure helps me.....
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I wake up many days, on an even plane...and stay there...this is how.......

From "Winner Takes All"

"Before A.A. it didn't matter how good things got -- I always had a feeling that  something was wrong. Since A.A., it doesn't matter how bad things get -- I always have a feeling that everything is going to be all right."
  "In working the Twelve Steps, my life and my old way of thinking have changed. I have no control over some of the things that happen in my life, but with the help of God I can now choose how I will respond. Today I choose to be happy, and when I'm not, I have the tools of this program to put me back on track."

c. 2001, Alcoholics Anonymous, page 381

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Ahhh! The gratitide list , funny by the end of the day I forget thanks for the reminder!
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I use to focus on the bad things in life after my accident. But when I take a real good look at my life I am very lucky. I have a nice home, a nice husband, kids that I'm proud of. It's raining where I am and I think of all the homeless people I see everyday and wonder what they do on a day like this.

All in All I have many things to be grateful for.

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