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Happy 8th CL anniversary to DominoSarah!

Please take a moment to reach out to DominoSarah, and give a shout out for how much you appreciate her! She has been a Community Leader in Addiction for 8 years. :)

Congratulations DominoSarah - the MedHelp Team appreciates you!  
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What...WHAT.....8 years!!!  Congratulations to you DominoSarah for all of your hard work.  And thank you for all that you do on this site.  Your help is invaluable.  Nice job.
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Thanks motye!  I was surprised to see 8 yrs too!!  Crazy how fast time flies!
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Congratulations Dominosarah!!! 8 years is awesome. Have not been on here for a long time but you have done so much to help people on here. You are awesome my friend.
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Corey, it was so nice to see you here!!!  I have missed you my friend~
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Sarah, what can I say, you are something else. Your help is utterly and completely invaluable. I love how direct you are. Yay you:)
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This should bring out some old names! Hey Sara I think you know how I feel about you lol I remember when you took this position! I think you have been the very finest leader this forum has ever had! :) but then I'm a lil biased lol Congrats Sara I know how much you had helped me so I can only imagine how much you have helped inspired and supported others!! All my Love my Fearless Leader.. lesa
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Good job Sarah.  You've helped a lot of people.
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Thank you everyone for the kind words.  I have mad respect for each and everyone of you as you all have been a huge part of my recovery.  I thank you all for that~
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iv been clean from herion for 600 odd days, Since xmas 2016 iv been clean of all opiates so its a first for me but I'm proud we all got there, ,If we want something bad enough you will get it, Just saying I'm living life and well it a great feeling,So if your on 1 day or a 100 keep moving forward and you will get there Good luck everyone, From  a very happy guy
Sorry Sarah this ment to be on roll call, But you have been a rock like many here but that tough love sure does the trick, I hope you can be here for another 8 years as so many will benefit, So I applause you my friend on a wonderful job, AMAZING INFACT hugs James
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Hey Sarah....grats girl......you are awesome and so happy to have crossed paths with you.....8 years!!!!!! Wowzers!  Great job! Xo
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Sarah, how did i miss this! Congratulations, you're the best!
Probably cuz of all the old threads that are littered all over!
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Wow! Congratulations Sarah! Thats amazing! 8 years of being of service! Truly amazing! I dont get on here much anymore but it sure is nice to see familiar names when I do. Sincerely, ABN
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ABN...So SOOOOO nice to see you!  How are things going?
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Congrats Dominosarah, thats just plain out amazing.
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Many Thanks!
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Hi DS.
I missed this post 2. Having some issues going on but things should be getting better. BIG HUG TO YOU!! You have been like a sister for me on here and help me out SO much in these past 5 plus yrs. We should talk over the line. Been off FB book too. My computer is acting up again and this time I need to get a new tower. Have a great day and hope you get this. Hugs!
Bless U
Love you Vic~
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