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Happy Halloween - Open Forum

Happy Halloween everyone - Have a great day and night.
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Hello Mariposa, I wanted to tell you that at first, I was a little ticked at you for assuming the reason why I talked about my education seeing as how you only knew me through a couple of Posts. However, I later realized that my emotions are a little on edge and it really doesn't matter what others may think of my intentions as long as I am OK with them. Anyway, today is my 4th day Percoset free, and I feel like **** :-) I am going to stay the course regardless, but found myself thinking that a percoset would sure make me feel better right about now. I decided instead to Post. I am using 800mg Motrin to help. I refuse to use more! My body still feels like I have a lot of restless enery to the point of gitters. I felt a little better in the morning because I went for a workout on the lifecycle and worked up a good sweat. It is about 1:00 here in sunny California, and I feel like I just want to go home to bed and sleep it away. But, since I have 4 year old twins who are stoked about the holiday, gotta do the daddy thing and take them out. Anyway, happy Halloween to all. TD
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Hi Bodymechanic,
I'm happy to share my experience with deprenyl.
First of all, I do hope you ordered the liquid, as there is a major difference in quality between the tablets and the liquid.

I currently use just one drop a day, for maintenance, anti-aging, and protection of the substantia nigra, the part of the brain that produces dopamine.  A standard antidepression dose of deprenyl is 5 to 10 drops (one drop is one mg).  I didn't know about dep when I detoxed, but I would guess that it would help a lot, given that our dopamine production is lessened with opiate abuse and deprenyl forces the body to produce more dopamine.

What I've noticed with regular deprenyl use is a subtle, but clear sense of alertness and well being, as well as quite an increase in my sex drive. If you look at the research on the IAS website, you'll see that rats given deprenyl lived 50 % longer.  It currently is prescribed only as an antiparkinson's drug, but does have antidepressant uses as well as plain ol' enhancing of well being.  I have also found that it helps my memory and concentration.  My husband takes it as well and remarks on the same effects. The effects are subtle, but present.

I hope that helps!

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Well, a perc or three probably WOULD make you feel alot better, for awhile at least. Looking back 6mos to my detox, I realize that I could have called a pill delivery in at anytime, and I was horribly sick for almost a month after stopping cold. I am not sure how I made it, but I do remember realizing that any relief I would have gotten was going to be brief, and I would have just ended up in the same situation I had been in for 3 years. Namely, utterly addicted and hopeless.

Another thing I did was to immediately shut my brain off and think about something else, whenever the urge to use occurred. If I entertain the thought of using oxycontin or vikes or whatever, I am in trouble. As soon as I start fantasizing about how good I am going to feel or start planning a drug collection, I am probably already gone. I just don't have any willpower when it comes to that stuff and I have learned to automatically think about something else, anything else.
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I guess this is the place for total honesty, so I am goingto say that I have been cheating a little bit (no such thing huh?) I have since the age of 18, and I am 42 now, occasionally smoked a little weed to help with my pain. It allows me to work out, to live a fwe hours of my life pain free. I have always believed in the medical use of pot to treat such things as chronic pain. My wife doesn't know. If she did, boy would I be in for it! I do it away from the house and never around my kids!!! I guess I still feel a little like a scumbag, but I am not sure whether I want to quit, especially right now.
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Yea, this is the place for honesty, not to be confused with condemnation. I've got friends who shoot alcohol into their veins and heroin up their ass. I don't think the fact that you smoke a little weed is going to be a big deal to anyone here.

Anyway, if you are trying to be truly drug free, pot can be a problem. I've never been able to just smoke pot and do nothing else. I made it several months doing that once, then drank vodka and went into a blackout.

For now, however, I suggest you kick the opiates, and if smoking a doob helps you feel better while you are withdrawing, go ahead.
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Get this: An usually, I was totally out of drugs. I
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